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595 Possible Causes for fiedler

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Stapleton AE, Au-Yeung M, Hooton TM, Fredricks DN, Roberts PL, Czaja CA, Yarova-Yarovaya Y, Fiedler T, Cox M, Stamm WE (2011) Randomized, placebo-controlled phase 2 trial[]

  • Influenza

    Oseltamivir is a neuraminidase inhibitor approved for the prevention and treatment of influenza. Few haematological side effects have been reported with oseltamivir. We report herein the case of an unexpected platelet increase in a 46-year-old woman with idiopathic thrombocytopenia (ITP) treated with oseltamivir for[…][]

  • Actinomycosis

    Fiedler et al. Levothyroxine in Women with Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies before Conception R.K. Dhillon-Smith et al.[]

  • Renal Fibroma

    Fiedler , W.A. Fuchs , M. Georgi , U. Goerttler , M. Goldberg , R. Günther , W. Havers , R. Heckmann , H. Holfeld , L. Jeanmart , J.V. Kaude , L.D. Leder , M.[]

  • Synorchism

    023.9 Aboulomania 301.6 Abrachia 755.20 Abrachiatism 755.20 Abrachiocephalia 759.89 Abrachiocephalus 759.89 Abrami's disease (acquired hemolytic jaundice) 283.9 Abramov-Fiedler[]

  • Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia Tarda

    […] however, females who carry a TRAPPC2 gene mutation may develop osteoarthritis in early adulthood. late onset spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia SED tarda X-linked SED X-linked SEDT Fiedler[] Clin Genet 64:235–242, 2003; Fiedler et al. Hum Mutat 24:103, 2004), though cumulatively accounting for only a small portion of cases.[] Clinical Sensitivity Sequencing of TRAPPC2 is predicted to detect disease mutations in more than 80% of males with a clinical diagnosis of X-linked SEDT (Gedeon et al. 2001; Fiedler[]

  • Disorder of Manganese Transport

    . , Fiedler B. , Omran H. , Rutsch F. , Wada Y. , Tsiakas K. , Santer R. , Nebert D.W. , Rust S. , Marquardt T.[] M, Gruneberg M, DuChesne I, von der Heiden AL, Reunert J, Schlingmann KP, Boycott KM, Beaulieu CL, Mhanni AA, Innes AM, Hortnagel K, Biskup S, Gleixner EM, Kurlemann G, Fiedler[]

  • Chromosome 8-Derived Supernumerary Ring or Marker

    […] karyotyping and subtelomeric probes, American Journal of Medical Genetics , 1999 , 82 , 4, 318 Wiley Online Library 16 Heike Starke , Isolde Schreyer , Christine Kähler , Wolfgang Fiedler[] Starke H, Schreyer I, Kahler C, Fiedler W, Beensen V, Heller A, Nietzel A, Claussen U, Liehr T.[] CrossRef PubMed Google Scholar Nietzel A, Rocchi M, Starke H, Heller A, Fiedler W, Wlodarska I, et al. 2001.[]

  • Myocarditis

    Fiedler: Über akute interstitielle Myokarditis. Dresden, W. Baensch, 1900. Zentralblatt für innere Medizin, 1900, 21: 212-213. S. S.[] […] triggers Non infectious types include lymphocytic, eosinophilic and giant cell myocarditis (GCM) Terminology GCM has been termed idiopathic GCM, pernicious myocarditis, Fiedler[] Fiedler A (1900) Ueber akute interstitielle Myokarditis [Abstract]. Zentralbl Inn Med 21: 212 Google Scholar 4.[]

  • Rolandic Epilepsy

    Epileptic disorders : international epilepsy journal with videotape. 2000 [PubMed] Neubauer BA,Fiedler B,Himmelein B,Kämpfer F,Lässker U,Schwabe G,Spanier I,Tams D,Bretscher[] K Liebrich, H Bode, J Braun, F Bosch, R Wagner, U Brandl, K Wetzel, K Brockmann, C Schlockwerder, P Dahlem, I Baudler, J P Ernst, H Mayer, E Feldmann, A Pattber‐Wolff, A Fiedler[] Barbara Fiedler & Gerhard Kurlemann Department of Neuropediatrics and Neurorehabilitation, Epilepsy Center for Children and Adolescents, Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth, Vogtareuth[]

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