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354 Possible Causes for Fifth Finger Clinodactyly, Thick Wiry Hair

  • Craniofrontonasal Dysplasia

    Affected individuals may also have webbing of the fingers and toes (syndactyly); a curved fifth finger (clinodactyly); unusually broad fingers and/or toes, especially the[] wiry hair, and occasionally cleft lip and/or palate.[] Others: polydactyly (an excess of fingers or toes), syndactyly (fused fingers or toes), brachydactyly (short fingers and/or toes), clinodactyly (bending of the fifth fingers[]

  • Hand-Foot-Genital Syndrome

    We report a child born with bilateral postaxial syndactyly of the feet and bilateral fifth finger clinodactyly.[] finger Hypoplastic thenar eminences Medial deviation of the great toe (hallux varus), a useful diagnostic sign when present Small great toenail Fifth-finger clinodactyly,[] finger clinodactyly, and frequent but incompletely penetrant genitourinary defects including incomplete Müllerian fusion in females and hypospadias in males.[]

    Missing: Thick Wiry Hair
  • Russell-Silver Syndrome

    clinodactyly.[] We describe a 10-year-old Taiwanese RSS girl with prenatal and postnatal growth retardation, relative macrocephaly, a triangular face, frontal bossing, and mild fifth finger[] Russell-Silver syndrome (RSS) is a congenital anomaly characterized by intrauterine and postnatal growth retardation, typical facial features, fifth-finger clinodactyly, and[]

    Missing: Thick Wiry Hair
  • XXXXY Syndrome

    In addition, almost all patients had muscular hypotonia, radioulnar synostosis, white matter anomalies, fifth-finger clinodactyly, recurrent respiratory infections in early[] finger clinodactyly, muscular hypotonia, hypoplastic genitalia, cryptorchidism, pea-size testes, micropenis, and infantile secondary sex characteristics.[] […] older age, hypertelorism, epicanthal folds, prognathism, gynecomastia (rare), congenital heart defects (PDA is most common), skeletal anomalies: genu valgus, pes cavus, fifth[]

    Missing: Thick Wiry Hair
  • Gorlin-Chaudhry-Moss Syndrome

    […] and toes, fifth finger clinodactyly, single transverse palmar crease, sandal gap, delayed bone age, abnormal spine, sternum curvature, congenital heart defects, arched eyebrows[] In infancy, scalp hair is wiry, brittle, patchy, and pale; progressive hair loss may lead to total alopecia by puberty.[] , malposition of teeth, supernumerary mamelons, fusion of incisors, oligodontia, wide arched maxilla, speech difficulties, Intellectual delay, developmental delay, short fingers[]

  • Aarskog Syndrome

    Findings on the extremities include joint hyperextensibility, short and broad hands, interdigital webbing, a short fifth finger, clinodactyly and broad feet with bulbous toes[] Hand abnormalities are common in this syndrome and include short fingers (brachydactyly), curved pinky fingers (fifth finger clinodactyly), webbing of the skin between some[] finger clinodactyly.[]

    Missing: Thick Wiry Hair
  • Mesoaxial Synostotic Syndactyly with Phalangeal Reduction

    The limb findings include mesoaxial reduction of the fingers, synostoses of the third and fourth metacarpals with associated single phalanges, fifth finger clinodactyly, and[] […] of fifth fingers, and preaxial fusion of toes.[] […] characterized by mesoaxial osseous synostosis at a metacarpal level, reduction of one or more phalanges, hypoplasia of distal phalanges of preaxial and postaxial digits, clinodactyly[]

    Missing: Thick Wiry Hair
  • Klinefelter Syndrome

    Other differences can include abnormal fusion of certain bones in the forearm (radioulnar synostosis), curved pinky fingers (fifth finger clinodactyly ), and flat feet ( pes[]

    Missing: Thick Wiry Hair
  • Dubowitz Syndrome

    Skeletal issues can be delayed bone age, fifth finger clinodactyly , two/three toe syndactyly , and pes planus . Some are very prone to eczema or have severe allergies.[] Skeletal issues can be delayed bone age, fifth finger clinodactyly , two/three toe syndactyly, and pes planus. Some are very prone to eczema or have severe allergies.[]

    Missing: Thick Wiry Hair
  • Cardiac Arrhythmia

    […] and fifth fingers, short stature) and OSA.[] Three relatives had clinodactyly as the only manifestation but the R218W mutation was absent, suggesting that this characteristic may be influenced by another gene.[] Sequencing of KCNJ2 revealed the R218W mutation in the index patient and her 6-year-old daughter, who presented dysmorphic abnormalities (micrognathia, clinodactyly of fourth[]

    Missing: Thick Wiry Hair

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