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183 Possible Causes for fish, puffer, toxin

  • Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning

    (ii) Cell depolarization with veratridine, a sodium channel-activating toxin.[] KEYWORDS: PSP; SPFP; STXs; crustaceans; gastropods; non traditional vectors; paralytic shellfish poisoning; public health; puffer fish; saxitoxin puffer fish poisoning; saxitoxins[] Non-traditional vectors, such as puffer fish and lobster, may also pose a risk.[]

  • Fish Poisoning

    Ciguatera toxin is harmless to fish but poisonous to humans. The toxin is odorless and tasteless, and it is heat-resistant, so cooking does not destroy the toxin.[] Abstract Regarded by many as a delicacy, puffer fish (Lagocephalus scleratus) is a lethal source of food poisoning with a high mortality.[] Fish poisoning can occur after ingestion of various fishes, such as reef fish, puffer fish, improperly processed or canned scombroid species (tuna), and shellfish.[]

  • Food Poisoning

    Interestingly, the investigated toxins behaved distinctly different upon heating.[] Abstract In October 1988, food poisoning due to the freshwater puffer Tetraodon fangi occurred.[] The causative fish was assayed for anatomical distribution of toxicity (as tetrodotoxin).[]

  • Retinoblastoma

    E2F1 expression and activity is inhibited by inorganic arsenic (iAs) that has a dual role as a cancer therapeutic and as a toxin that leads to diseases including cancer.[] This can be done in two ways – either a special puffer is used to puff air directly at the eye and the response to indicate a change in pressure, or yellow eye drops can be[] KEYWORDS: Anisometric cell lipoma; FISH; MDM2; RB1; Retinoblastoma; Spindle cell lipoma[]

  • Aristolochic Acid

    The questions on how the susceptible populations are exposed to these toxins have not yet been clearly answered.[] Poisoning and Okadaic Acid 222 Neurotoxic Shellfish Poisoning and Brevetoxins 227 Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning and Saxitoxins 231 Ciguatera Fish Poisoning and Ciguatoxins 238 Puffer[] Consequently, potent plant toxins including dehydropyrrolizidine alkaloids and other potential carcinogens can contaminate these products.[]

  • Poison

    Abstract Botulinum toxin, also called the "miracle toxin," is a neurotoxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum.[] This substance is found in two marine creatures – the blue-ringed octopus and the puffer fish.[] BACKGROUND: Ciguatera is a disease caused by the ingestion of fish containing the toxins of Gambierdiscus toxicus.[]

  • Ciguatera Poisoning

    Ciguatera toxin accumulates in these fish as they consume smaller fish which feed on toxin producing algae (dinoflagellates).[] Tetraodon poisoning additionally presents with pruritus after ingestion of puffer fish; scombroid fish poisoning is related to bacterial toxin production in insufficiently[] […] they ate saltwater fish and, if possible, keep some of the fish in the freezer for confirmatory testing.[]

  • Anal Cancer

    It also helps to process fats and proteins – as well as alcohol, some medicines, toxins and poisons.[] In fact, as a puffer, you’re a whopping four times more likely to get anal cancer that your clean-living counterparts.[] Healthy foods include fruits, vegetables, whole-grain breads, low-fat dairy products, beans, lean meats, and fish. You may need to change what you eat during treatment.[]

  • Boric Acid

    […] aflatoxin B1 in the assay medium, boric acid increased the degree of beta-galactosidase synthesis induced by the maximal inducing concentration of aflatoxin B1 before the toxin's[] Home Produkte Biochemikalien und Laborausstattung Biochemische Puffer und Reagenzien Quality tested and certified free of DNase, RNase and protease activity Größe 500g 1kg[] Remove pets, birds and cover fish aquariums before dusting. FIRST AID: IF SWALLOWED: Call a Poison Control Center or Doctor immediately for treatment advice.[]

  • Veratrum

    Veratridine, zygadenine and angeloylzygadenine (the known Na-Channel-Gate toxins) revealed the most potent reduction of hemolytic activity.[] Poisoning and Okadaic Acid 222 Neurotoxic Shellfish Poisoning and Brevetoxins 227 Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning and Saxitoxins 231 Ciguatera Fish Poisoning and Ciguatoxins 238 Puffer[] The principal toxins are steroid alkaloids; some have a modified steroid template, whereas others differ in their esterified acid moieties.[]

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