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8 Possible Causes for Fishy Body Odor

  • Vaginitis

    […] amine odor microscopy Speculum exam indication to evaluate for underlying causes of vaginitis foreign body ( e.g., retained tampon) leading to vaginitis Vaginal pH normal[] […] sexually transmitted; therefore, the partner must also be treated Studies Management approach a definitive diagnosis can be obtained by examining the vaginal discharge for pH fishy[]

  • Halitosis

    Liver failure: Breath that has a fishy or musty odor can indicate that your liver has stopped doing its job of filtering toxins from your body.[]

  • Vitamin Deficiency

    However, choline doses higher than the usual maximum recommended amount are associated with several negative effects including fishy body odor, increased perspiration and[]

  • Urinary Tract Candidiasis

    Two common issues that frequently mimic it are bacterial vaginosis (BV), which often results in a fishy odor, and contact allergies.[] "Some of the most sensitive tissue on the body is the perineum, the area between the vaginal opening and the anus," says Dr. Minkin.[]

  • Carnitine

    L-carnitine supplements can even wreck your social life, because taking 3 g a day can produce a fishy body odor.[] body odor. 6 Military Survivability: DL-carnitine (a mixture of L and D forms), but not L-carnitine alone, has been associated with myasthenia syndrome (an autoimmune disorder[] Some people have noticed a fishy body odor when consuming 3 grams per day.[]

  • Vitamin K

    body odor, excessive sweating, low blood pressure and liver problems.[] […] months: unknown 7-12 months: unknown 1-8 years: 1,000 mg 9-13 years: 2,000 mg 14-18 years: 3,000 mg Adults: 3,500 mg Taking too much choline on a daily basis can result in a fishy[]

  • Inability to Smell Musk

    But if something smells fishy, it might be a case of trimethylaminuria, a condition in which the body can’t break down certain chemicals, instead emitting the odor of (gulp[] odor attractiveness.[] […] burger-lovers beware: Some women think men who eat a lot of red meat smell worse than those who take their meals with a little less beef The effect of meat consumption on body[]

  • Activated Charcoal

    This causes TMA to accumulate in the body and make its way into urine, sweat and breath, giving rise to a foul, fishy odor ( 13 ).[] TMAU is a genetic condition in which trimethylamine (TMA), a compound with an odor similar to that of rotting fish, accumulates in the body.[] Healthy individuals are usually able to convert fishy-smelling TMA into a non-smelly compound before excreting it in urine.[]

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