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395 Possible Causes for Flank Pain, Thigh Pain

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    While you're waiting for your infection to subside, try applying a heating pad to your lower abdomen or between your thighs to help alleviate some of the pain.[] With that being said, if you develop signs of a kidney infection, including flank pain, nausea, or vomiting, you need to see a doctor immediately.[] […] urine may look cloudy or darker in color or it may appear bloody A fever, flank pain, nausea or vomiting accompanying any of these symptoms could signal that the infection[]

  • Renal Embolism

    The presentation of PE includes cough, orthopnea, wheezing, pleuritic pain, calf/thigh pain or swelling, or hemoptysis.[] A 37-year-old man who underwent total aortic arch replacement owing to aortic dissection, presented with a 3-h history of fever, chills, and acute right-sided flank pain.[] All the patients presented with abdominal or flank pain.[]

  • Hemolytic Transfusion Reaction

    A 47-year-old diabetic man with drug-induced pancytopenia suddenly manifested severe shaking chills, flank pain, and back pain during a red cell transfusion.[] Common signs of AHTR are: fever, chills/rigors, facial flushing, chest pain, abdominal pain, back/flank pain,nausea/vomiting,diarrhea, hypotension, pallor, jaundice, oligoanuria[] Initial symptoms of hemolysis may include fever, chills, a burning sensation at the IV site, flank pain, anxiety, and tightness in the chest.[]

  • Vitamin D Deficiency

    Chronic pain in the low back and thighs, as well as chronic daily headaches were identified as potential sleep-disrupting forces.[] Osteomalacia of the ribs was infrequently encountered as the cause of flank pain.[] Bone pain often also occurs in the lower back, hips, pelvis, thighs and feet. Who gets vitamin D deficiency?[]

  • Muscle Strain

    Whether it’s your hamstring, quadriceps or adductor muscles, strained thigh muscles can be a pain.[] Posterior thigh pain. In: Brukner P and Khan K, eds. Clinical sports medicine. London: McGrawHill, 1993. Ekstrand J, Gillquist J.[] Posterior thigh injuries associated with pain and tenderness were recorded for 83 players, with magnetic resonance imaging confirming hamstring injury in 68 (82%).[]

  • Arteriovenous Malformation

    A 31-year-old woman with a history of a right thigh arteriovenous malformation presented with an acute history of right thigh pain and swelling.[] RAVF with hematuria, flank pain, and symptoms of congestive heart failure requires prompt treatment.[] A 37-year-old male was referred to our hospital with a soft tumor in the left thigh, limb asymmetry and associated pain.[]

  • Myoglobinuria

    A 20-year-old male police recruit was admitted to a psychiatric hospital because of complaints about black urine and severe thigh pain.[] pain : ureterolithiasis, renal artery thrombosis, renal vein thrombosis, renal cell carcinoma unilateral flank mass : renal cell carcinoma bilateral flank masses : autosomal[] Muscle pain , especially in the thighs, shoulders, or lower back.[]

  • Cystadenoma

    In some cases, especially when the cyst is large, they can cause symptoms, like: Abdominal bloating or swelling Pain in lower abdomen that can irradiate to lower back or thighs[] ., All patients were admitted for flank pain with an abdominal distension.[] He didn't have other urinary symptoms, hematuria, flank pain or weight loss. Past medical and surgical history was negative.[]

  • Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma

    The patient remained well until 4 months later, when left thigh pain returned with fever and leukocytosis (white blood cell count as high as 20.7 10(9)/L, 80% neutrophils)[] We report a case of primary renal MFH in a 40-year-old female who presented with left flank pain.[] The mass does not usually cause any pain unless it is compressing a nearby nerve.[]

  • Brain Abscess

    A 66-year-old man with a recent radiographic diagnosis of a parietal brain tumour presented with severe left thigh pain that prevented ambulation.[] A 77-year-old Japanese woman with a history of polymyalgia rheumatica was admitted to our hospital because of persistent fever, right flank pain, and pyuria.[] The thigh is flexed on the abdomen, with the knee flexed; attempts to passively extend the knee elicit pain when meningeal irritation is present.[]

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