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164 Possible Causes for Flat Affect, Insomnia, Withdrawn

  • Endogenous Depression

    […] individuals exhibit anhedonia, irritability, persistent sadness or sense of worthlessness, asthenia, isolation, eating disorders leading to weight changes, lack of motivation, insomnia[] Some of the typical characteristic features of depression endogenous include insomnia, sleeplessness, depleting energy levels, inability to focus or poor concentration levels[] Symbols Support WR Privacy Policy Forums Suggestions endogenous depression Psychiatry a severe form of depression usually characterized by insomnia, weight loss, and inability[]

  • Abuse and Neglect

    Children may be aggressive, withdrawn, depressed, anxious, or demonstrate violent themes in art or fantasy.[] […] hyperactivity, aggressiveness, disruptive and destructive behaviors Unusual wariness of physical contact Fear of parent or caretaker Lack of expressed emotion Unduly shy, withdrawn[] […] their child or has a difficult relationship with them child doesn’t have enough clothes on and is often cold and hungry child has unexplained or changeable emotions (eg, withdrawn[]

  • Schizophrenia

    A 53-year-old man with schizophrenia was admitted to the psychiatric hospital because of excitement, monologue, muscle rigidity, and insomnia.[] affect and cognitive slowness.[] Symptoms such as becoming socially withdrawn and unresponsive or changes in sleeping patterns can be mistaken for an adolescent "phase".[]

  • Autistic Disorder

    The aim of this study was to report preliminary data on the effectiveness and tolerability of ramelteon for the treatment of insomnia in youth with autistic disorder (autism[] Honda’s is the first to look at the autism rate after the MMR vaccine has been withdrawn.[] Other children may develop normally for the first few months or years of life but then suddenly become withdrawn, aggressive, or lose language skills they've already acquired[]

  • Apathetic Thyrotoxicosis with Thyrotoxic Crisis

    Signs and SymptomsSigns and Symptoms – Tremulousness or jitteriness – Exophthalmos – Weight loss despite excellent appetite – hypermetabolic state – Insomnia – Fatigue – Palpitations[] […] β-blockers will rapidly alleviate symptoms in all types of hyperthyroidism, definitive treatment is also necessary, and when euthyroidism is restored β-blockers can be gradually withdrawn[] […] during pregnancy During pregnancy, the hyperthyroidism related symptoms are often hard to recognize due to their similarity to pregnancy symptoms like anxiety,fatigue, and insomnia[]

  • Schizoid Personality Disorder

    The evidence did not support the use of atypical antipsychotics in the treatment of substance abuse, and data were inconclusive for the use of these medications for insomnia[] In people with SPD, the flat affect varies from failure to show emotion even when it is present, and an actual lack of emotional affectivity in certain situations.[] Learn about this topic in these articles: personality disorders In personality disorder Persons with schizoid personality disorder appear aloof, withdrawn, unresponsive, humourless[]

  • Disorganized Schizophrenia

    […] extreme reaction to criticism Deterioration of personal hygiene Flat, expressionless gaze Inability to cry or express joy or inappropriate laughter or crying Oversleeping or insomnia[] Flat affect: To have flat affect is to be expressionless, lack eye contact, and have uncommon or inappropriate body language.[] A person may seem depressed and withdrawn. Cognitive symptoms affect the thought process.[]

  • Schizoaffective Disorder

    The most common adverse events were akathisia (11.1%), injection-site pain (10.6%), and insomnia (10.0%).[] Absence of what is termed the negative symptoms (flatted affect, avolition, and poor social interaction) improves the prognosis significantly.[] […] therapeutics market Aids in interpreting the success rates of clinical trials by providing a comparative scenario of completed and uncompleted (terminated, suspended or withdrawn[]

  • Brain Concussion

    Visual impairment and a sense of numbness are reported by some studies, whereas altered sleep may eventually appear in the form of insomnia.[] During that time you may: Be withdrawn, easily upset, or confused Have a hard time with tasks that require memory or concentration Have mild headaches Be less tolerant of[] […] years, including one as a redshirt freshman, and left the team at the beginning of his junior season because he was continuing to suffer headaches, blurry vision, tinnitus, insomnia[]

  • Catatonic Schizophrenia

    She gradually entered a catatonic stupor with insomnia and anorexia. Her mother took her to a mental clinic, where she was diagnosed with catatonic-type schizophrenia.[] Symptoms such as avolition, impaired social interaction, and flat affect become more frequent over the 25 years of follow-up.[] Others may imitate sounds ( echolalia ) or movements ( echopraxia ) of others. includes: Catatonic Type, Excited Catatonic Type, Withdrawn Old criteria for this diagnosis[]

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