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944 Possible Causes for Flat Ears

  • Otitis Media

    If the tympanogram was flat and had no printed values for the 3 fields, the probability of MEE was estimated to be .802 based on the proportion of ears with flat graphs that[] The fluid behind the eardrum is associated with immobility of the ear drum as well as a "flat" tympanometer trace.[] The mean day for this visit was 11.6. ] For tympanograms with values for height, middle-ear air pressure, and gradient width, the probability of Middle Ear Effusion (MEE)[]

  • Microphthalmia Syndromic 6

    […] head syndrome Flattening of skull Rhomboid shaped skull [ more ] 0001357 Posteriorly rotated ears Ears rotated toward back of head 0000358 Preaxial hand polydactyly Extra[] […] more ] 0000347 Micropenis Short penis Small penis [ more ] 0000054 Muscular hypotonia Low or weak muscle tone 0001252 Orbital cyst Cyst of eye socket 0001144 Plagiocephaly Flat[]

  • Branchio-Oculo-Facial Syndrome

    Our initial examination at age 5 months (Figs. 1,2) showed a partial unilateral cleft lip, high-arched palate, apparently low-set flat ears, small upward slanting palpebral[]

  • Harlequin Syndrome

    ears.[] […] born with this syndrome often have other abnormalities: they may have a deformity of the mouth (it resembles the fish lips), eyelid reversal, incorrectly developed, too flat[]

  • Harlequin Type Ichthyosis

    She had flat ears and prominent nasal opening and a flat nose. There were no eye lashes or eye brows. The mouth was fish shaped.[]

  • Homocystinuria

    The patient shows some of the facial features that were already reported in the literature (high forehead, large floppy, low-set ears, flat philtrum and hypotonia of perioral[]

  • Acoustic Trauma

    A flat type of audiometric configuration was observed in about 20% and a rising type (low-tone loss) in about 5% of the ears.[] Speech frequencies were involved in about 25% of the ears.[]

  • Marfanoid Syndrome Type De Silva

    Flat face microstomia ear Progressive bifocal chorioretinal Very long-chain acyl-CoA Cholesterol esterification disorder anomaly Blepharophimosis telecanthus Marcus-Gunn phenomenon[]

  • Cleft Lip - Cleft Palate

    […] and eye abnormalities Intubation may become more difficult with age Velocardiofacial Syndrome Microcephaly and microstomia Flat nasal bridge, small ears, short stature Immune[] […] laryngeal and tracheal anomalies Velopharyngeal incompetence cleft palate 22q 11 deletion (FISH test) Stickler Syndrome Progressive connective tissue disorder Micrognathia and flat[]

  • Alobar Holoprosencephaly

    Clinical examination revealed microcephaly, hypotelorism, micrognathia, a flat rudimentary nose, high palate, thick dysplastic low-set ears, a short neck, preaxial polydactyly[] […] rudimentary nose, high palate, thick dysplastic low-set ears) and normal karyotype.[] […] holoprosencephaly-polydactyly syndrome (pseudotrisomy 13) because she had alobar holoprosencephaly, preaxial polydactyly, facial dysmorfism (hypotelorism, micrognathia, a flat[]

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