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329 Possible Causes for Flatulence, Salmonella

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    Patients with Salmonella infection frequently presented with fever, lethargy, bloody stool, and elevated serum level of C-reactive protein (CRP); norovirus and rotavirus infection[] In Salmonella infection, bloody stool is common and CRP is higher than other infection. Protozoa infections and mixed infections are more common than expected.[] Rotavirus ) Bacterial Clostridium Difficile (see Clostridium Difficile , Clostridium Difficile ) Enterotoxigenic Escherichia Coli (see Escherichia Coli , Escherichia Coli ) Salmonella[]

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    The pro-inflammatory cytokines expression in Caco-2 cells were evaluated after co-incubation with PB and Salmonella typhimurium 14028.[] Ispaghula therapy resulted in improvement in global symptoms and satisfying bowel movements (P less than 0.001) but produced no change in abdominal pain or flatulence.[] Irritable bowel syndrome — post salmonella infection . J. Infect. 29 , 1–3 (1994). 43. Gwee, K. A. et al .[]

  • Salmonella Infection

    In the USA, Salmonella infections are reportable.[] After Salmonella clearance (postinfectious phase), women experienced loose stools, nausea, and flatulence more frequently than men.[] Nontyphoidal Salmonella infections are common and remain a significant public health problem in the US.[]

  • Schistosomiasis

    CONCLUSION: Complicated persistent salmonella infection should be considered in schistosomiasis endemic areas.[] Recurrent Salmonella bacteremia is related to parasitization of the schistosome gut by Salmonella.[] Patients with heavy bowel wall involvement have an increased rate of recurrent Salmonella infection, generally with positive blood cultures and negative stool cultures.[]

  • Malignant Neoplasm of Pancreas

    infections A02.0 Salmonella enteritis A02.1 Salmonella septicaemia A02.2 Localized Salmonella infections A02.8 Other specified Salmonella infections A02.9 Salmonella infection[] […] associated with abdominal/back pain, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting) pancreatic digestive enzyme deficiency (exocrine insufficiency) manifested by: bloating/indigestion flatulence[] […] pancreatic cancer Etymology: Gk, pan kreas L, cancer, crab a malignant neoplastic disease of the pancreas characterized by anorexia, flatulence, weakness, dramatic weight[]

  • Gastric Ulcer

    KEYWORDS: Gastric Ulcer; Gene Therapy; Hepatocyte Growth Factor; Salmonella typhimurium; Wistar Rat[] Side effects of both medications are usually minor and can include: diarrhoea or constipation wind (flatulence) stomach cramps feeling and being sick Reviewing NSAID use If[] Side effects for both medications are uncommon but include: diarrhoea, vomiting, and flatulence (wind).[]

  • Cholelithiasis

    Salmonella typhi and Helicobacter sp. were not detected in bile from any GBC patients.[] Incidence of gallstones: [ edit ] Classically: Fat, fertile flatulent female of fifty (forty).[] (eg, fatty, fried foods causing flatulence, coffee, cold drinks).[]

  • Pseudomembranous Colitis

    We report a case of Salmonella enterica pseudomembranous colitis and briefly review the literature regarding rare causes of this syndrome.[] In both treatment and control groups the most common adverse events included abdominal cramping, nausea, fever, soft stools, flatulence, and taste disturbance.[] ., Listeria spp. and Salmonella spp. PMC has emerged, particularly in recent years, as a major and very expensive healthcare problem.[]

  • Intestinal Obstruction

    Other causes of mechanical obstruction include fecal impaction, or intestinal infections such as Salmonella, Shigella dysenteriae, and Escherichia coli. 1 Nonmechanical causes[] We describe the case of a 34-year-old man admitted in the emergency department with diffuse abdominal pain, nausea, flatulence and lack of transit for feces and gas.[]

  • Chronic Diarrhea

    Bacterial infections rarely cause chronic diarrhea in immunocompetent patients, but common infectious causes of acute diarrhea such as Campylobacter or Salmonella infection[] Adverse effects include constipation, nausea, borborygmi, flatulence, bloating and abdominal pain.[] […] caused by parasites ( Cryptosporidium, Cyclospora, Entamoeba histolytica, Giardia, microsporidia), bacteria ( Campylobacter, Clostridium difficile, E. coli, Plesiomonas, Salmonella[]

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