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345 Possible Causes for Fluconazole, Insect Bite

  • Insect Bite

    […] cellulitis subsequent to an insect bite, without systemic involvement and with excellent response to treatment with amphotericin B for 15 days and surgical debridement plus oral fluconazole[] These insects sting. While there is a clear difference between an insect bite and an insect sting, some species - wasps, for instance - may bite and sting.[] […] known as English insect bite wound caused by the bite of an insect insect bites and stings insect sting insect biting Statements Identifiers Sitelinks Wikipedia (16 entries[]

  • Cutaneous Candidiasis

    Fluconazole-sensitive Candida glabrata was isolated from this sample. Topical clotrimazole ointment and systemic fluconazole 400 mg/day were used.[] bite 虫刺症 itching 掻痒(そうよう)、かゆみ k keratosis 角化症 l lentigo maligna 悪性黒子 leukoderma 白斑 lichenification 苔癬化(たいせんか) livedo 皮斑 m macule 斑 mask-like face 仮面様顔貌 measles 麻疹 medical[] The newborn was given fluconazole for 10 days with favourable outcome.[]

  • Skin Infection

    The skin lesions healed after oral fluconazole and cryotherapy.[] bites, surgical wounds, intravenous drug injection or sites of intravenous catheter insertion.[] The in vitro inhibitory activity of amphotericin B, fluconazole, flucytosine, itraconazole, ketoconazole and miconazole was determined.[]

  • Cellulitis

    Treatment with liposomal amphotericin B and flucytosine followed by fluconazole consolidation and maintenance therapy achieved a good clinical response.[] bites, surgical wounds, or sites of intravenous catheter insertion.[] Given the anaerobes and yeast involved, his antibiotic regimen was changed to fluconazole, metronidazole, and ampicillin/sulbactam.[]

  • Leg Cellulitis

    Given the anaerobes and yeast involved, his antibiotic regimen was changed to fluconazole, metronidazole, and ampicillin/sulbactam.[] The insect bite caused blisters around the site of the bite which eventually burst and appear to be healing.[] It's actually very rare for insect bites to become infected.[]

  • Impetigo

    Oral fluconazole for vaginal candidiasis. Am Fam Physician. 1996;54:1337–40. 27. Drake LA, Dinehart SM, Farmer ER, Goltz RW, Graham GF, Hordinsky MK, et al.[] It usually starts when bacteria get into a break in the skin, such as a cut, scratch or insect bite. Symptoms start with red or pimple-like sores surrounded by red skin.[] The causative bacteria often enter the skin through a small skin injury, insect bites or rash.[]

  • Thigh Cellulitis

    As per pus culture and sensitivity reports, linezolid was stopped, and piperacillin tazobactam was continued with addition of amikacin and fluconazole.[] It's actually very rare for insect bites to become infected.[] Bad bacteria gets into broken skin such as a cut or insect bite.[]

  • Tinea Pedis

    Register Therapy with Fluconazole for Tinea Corporis, Tinea Cruris, and Tinea Pedis - 24 Hours access EUR 36.00 GBP 28.00 USD 45.00 Rental This article is also available for[] History In ancient times, athlete’s foot was attributed to insect bites. (In medical Latin it’s called tinea pedis, or foot larvae.)[] We report that, on a molar basis, BCO was more effective than fluconazole or itraconazole on most strains of Malassezia spp. isolated from clinical samples (n 29).[]

  • Olecranon Bursitis

    […] reason why there appears to be increased resistance of C. glabrata and other nonalbicans Candida (NAC) species to fluconazole.[] bite or scraping the elbow Gout Fortunately, although the swelling can sometimes become the size of an egg or a golf ball, there is usually no pain associated with it.[] Amphoterecin B, ketoconazole and fluconazole have been reported to yield a successful outcome. More recently, itraconazole has been found to be curative.[]

  • Lichen Simplex Chronicus

    Weekly fluconazole is often recommended to prevent candidaisis in women exposed to high-potency topical steroids. 4.[] Precursor dermatoses include atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, lichen planus, stasis dermatitis, psoriasis, tinea, and insect bites.[] She has tried topical estradiol cream intravaginally three times weekly in combination with weekly fluconazole, to no avail.[]

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