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18 Possible Causes for Foaming at the Mouth, Respiratory Muscle Weakness, Sudden Death

  • Cicuta Maculata Poisoning

    Mouth. Bloody foam from nose and mouth. Throat. Spasm of muscles of deglutition on presenting anything to mouth. Stomach. Nausea and vomiting, frothy, glairy fluid.[]

  • Zygadenus Poisoning

    weakness, convulsions, involuntary urination. paralysis, loss of consciousness, coma, death due to respiratory paralysis [Solanum-type Alkaloids] [Where poisons are found[] Symptoms include: excessive watering (foaming) of the mouth, burning following by numbness of the lips and mouth, thirst, headache, dizziness, nausea, stomach pain, persistent[] All parts of this native perennial plant, including the seeds, contain an alkaloid (zygacine is believed to be the primary toxic compound) that causes foaming at the mouth[]

  • Botulism

    Common symptoms include a very flaccid paralysis of the arms and/or legs, difficulty breathing because of respiratory muscle weakness and blurred vision.[] death.[] From 1976 to 2010 we created an archive of 1090 BoNT-producing isolates consisting of 1012 IB patient (10 outpatient, 985 hospitalized, 17 sudden death), 25 food, 18 dust[]

  • Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome

    The student will be able to characterize the diving response and laryngeal chemoreceptor reflex as used to study the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).[]

  • Sarin Poisoning

    On the other hand, instantaneous development of life-threatening symptoms such as airway obstruction, weakness and failure of respiratory muscles leading to anoxia, and convulsions[] death, Fraga said.[] According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), victims were having difficulty breathing, foaming at the mouth, seizures, bleeding from the nose and mouth, fainting[]

  • Tabun Poisoning

    At nicotinic receptors in skin, nerve agents cause sweating, and on skeletal muscle, they cause initial defasciculation followed by weakness and flaccid paralysis.[] Symptoms can quickly progress to sudden collapse, convulsions, and even death. How soon after exposure do the symptoms appear?[] […] at the mouth," vomiting, tearing, involuntary defecation and urination, tiny pinpoint pupils, and a slow heart rate that will cause fainting.[]

  • Carbamate Poisoning

    Occurs 24-96 hours after exposure Bulbar, respiratory, and proximal muscle weakness are prominent features. Generally resolves completely in 1-3 weeks.[] On Thursday, Batu Gajah police chief ACP Mohd Nasry Mohd Omar said police did not find any criminal elements in Hawa’s death and had classified the incident as “sudden death[] Miosis (73%), excessive salivation (70%), muscle weakness (68%), and lethargy (54%) were the most common abnormal signs; 49% and 22% of patients had tachycardia and seizures[]

  • Mercury Poisoning

    […] twitching, tremors , weakness, muscle atrophy, and decreased cognitive functions.[] Sensitivity reactions to these diuretics may cause asthma, hives, other skin lesions, and sudden death.[] §Rates of sudden death, not CHD death. Figure 2.[]

  • Exposure to Nerve Gas

    […] fasciculations and weakness Paralysis Respiratory arrest Altered Mental Status Autonomic instability IX.[] death, Fraga said.[] Witnesses described seeing victims of yesterday’s attack foaming at the mouth and suffering fits.[]

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    Indications of carbon monoxide poisoning include headache , weakness, dizziness, nausea , fainting, and, in severe cases, coma , weak pulse , and respiratory failure.[] It can cause sudden illness and death. CO is found in combustion fumes, such as those made by cars and trucks, lanterns, stoves, gas ranges and heating systems.[] “I guess my buddy said when they pulled me out of there I was drooling and foaming at the mouth. Like I say, I’m lucky to be here,” Thetreau said.[]

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