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308 Possible Causes for Focal Tremor

  • Ertapenem

    tremors, myoclonus, or seizures during therapy; Signs/symptoms of toxicity (eg, rash, GI disturbances, mental status changes, seizure activity, local complications (phlebitis[] If focal tremors, myoclonus, or seizures occur, evaluate patient neurologically and give anticonvulsants if not done earlier.[] […] patients with risk factors for hypersensitivity (eg, history of allergies or sensitivity to cephalosporins) (signs of anaphylaxis); Neurologic evaluation in patients developing focal[]

  • Cilastatin-Imipenem

    Notify physician if focal tremors, myoclonus, or seizures occur; dosage adjustment may be needed. Monitor for S&S of superinfection (see Appendix F).[] If focal tremors, myoclonus, or seizures occur, patients should be evaluated neurologically and placed on anticonvulsant therapy if not already instituted.[] tremor, taste perversion Very rare aggravation of myasthenia gravis, headache Not Known agitation dyskinesia Ear and labyrinth disorders Rare hearing loss Very rare vertigo[]

  • Theophylline

    The case is presented of a 6-month-old girl with theophylline-induced focal seizures associated with tachycardia, tremor and irritability.[]

  • Alpers Syndrome

    Other signs included ataxia, visual disturbance, motor paresis, and tremor. Myoclonic and focal motor seizures were common, often manifesting as status epilepticus.[]

  • Writer's Cramp

    Four patients with primary writing tremor had a focal, task-specific tremor that responded to anticholinergic drugs.[] Writer's cramp is frequently associated with hand tremor and with other focal dystonias.[] Rosenbaum F, Jankovic J: Focal task-specific tremor and dystonia: categorization of occupational movement disorders. Neurology 1988;38:522-527.[]

  • Hereditary Essential Tremor 4

    Exclusion criteria for ET and ET plus: Isolated focal tremors (voice, head) Orthostatic tremor with a frequency 12 Hz Task- and position-specific tremors Sudden onset and[] When isolated, “site specific tremors” 3 were traditionally considered as focal manifestations of essential tremor.[] Focal task-specffic tremor and dystonia: categorization of occupational movement disorders. Neurology 1988;38:522-7. [17.] Yanagisawa N, Goto A, Narabayashi H.[]

  • Hemiballismus

    Hyperkinetic movement disorders after stroke comprise dystonia (2-4), chorea with or without hemiballismus (5), tremor (6), parkinsonism (7), segmental or focal myoclonus,[]

  • Movement Disorder

    The characteristics of this tremor appear to be distinguishable from the features of both essential tremor and focal dystonia; comparison is made with representative string[] ), tremors, Huntington's Chorea, tic disorders and psychogenic movements.[] […] and generalized dystonia, tremor, myoclonus, tic disorders, restless legs syndrome, blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm.[]

  • Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome

    […] confusion, speaking, taste, and behavior disturbances, and focal seizures).[] On day 13, after 48 hours with fever, she showed a measles-like rash, and on day 15, she began experiencing neurologic symptoms (headache, tremors, weakness, nystagmus, mild[]

  • Focal Task Specific Dystonia

    We conclude that focal tremor and focal dystonia are related to generalized essential tremor and generalized dystonia.[] Five years after the onset of focal dystonia, she developed an intention tremor in her right hand and upper limb ataxia but with a normal gait.[] Some patients may experience tremors with the muscle spasms.[]

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