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14 Possible Causes for Food Poisoning, Frothy Stool

  • Giardiasis

    Some authors suggest that in non-endemic areas everyone should be treated if found to be carrying the organism. [ 12 ] Giardiasis may be caused by food poisoning and therefore[] , and greasy stools (stools tend to float; no blood![] These steps can help prevent giardiasis and food poisoning: When you are camping or hiking, drink water only after it has been purified with boiling, proper filtration, or[]

  • Hepatitis A

    Chapter 1 Hepatitis Food Poisoning An Introduction to Hepatitis A Exposure to the hepatitis A virus can cause an acute infection of the liver that is typically mild and resolves[] The urine typically acquires the color of cola soda and is characteristically frothy. Icterus may be noted when the serum bilirubin exceeds 25–30 mg/L.[] The first specific evidence that the illness relates to an intrahepatic process may be any of the following: the onset of dark urine, light clay-colored stool, or icterus[]

  • Veratrum Album

    Abstract Food poisoning is frequently caused by the accidental ingestion of toxic plants that possess strong morphological similarities to edible plants.[] […] vomiting; during diarrhoea vomiting; after drinking vomiting; after eating vomiting; forcible vomiting; during vertigo, dizziness vomiting; violent vomiting; black vomiting; frothy[] Lower potencies are used for diarrhoea, food poisoning, sciatica, calf cramps and neuralgias. Warning White Hellebore is deadly poisonous![]

  • Steatorrhea

    The fat substitute Olestra, used to reduce digestible fat in some foods, was reported to cause leakage in some consumers during the test-marketing phase.[] Because fat floats in water, the stool with high percentage of fat also floats in the water. The stool is usually frothy and foul-smelling.[] Picture 1 – White Fatty Stool in Steatorrhoea Symptoms of Steatorrhea The usual symptoms which are abnormal in steatorrhea are: Foul smelled defecation Frothy-oily texture[]

  • Lactose Intolerance

    Common causes of damage include food poisoning or conditions such as coeliac disease (caused by allergy to gluten).[] This causes frothy, acidic stools that can irritate your baby’s skin (not so nice).[] Temporary lactose intolerance can be a side effect of certain conditions such as stomach flu, medication and food poisoning.[]

  • Cicuta Maculata Poisoning

    Home Survival Food Poisonous Plants Cicuta maculata & Cicuta bulbifera The Water Hemlocks are the most poisonous plants in North America .[] Nausea and vomiting, frothy, glairy fluid. Abdomen and Stool. Pain in bowels, ineffectual desire for stool. Back and Limbs. Falls backward in convulsions.[] (Also read the ingredient lists on packaged foods- many contain poison.)[]

  • Giardia Lamblia

    RESULTS: One of the cases was diagnosed as food poisoning, a second as a case of hypovolemic shock and the third also as a hypovolemic shock, though also considered to have[] , and greasy stools (stools tend to float; no blood![] Some authors suggest that in non-endemic areas everyone should be treated if found to be carrying the organism. [ 12 ] Giardiasis may be caused by food poisoning and therefore[]

  • Ipecac

    IPECAC SYRUP General Monograph, Emetic Posted by Connected Diseases : Food Poisoning General Illness Information Medical Term: FOOD POISONING Common Name: None Specified Description[] Stools.-- Pitch-like green as grass, like frothy molasses , with griping at navel. Dysenteric, slimy.[] frothy molasses; asiatic cholera; haemorrhoids, bleeding.[]

  • Isosporiasis

    Bagged salad has been named as the source of a cyclospora food poisoning outbreak in two states, but the rest remain a mystery.[] It is more specifically, a steatorrhoea which contains pale, bulky, frothy, foul smelling stools which are floating in the lavatory pan due to fat content. [4] Gastroenteritis[] The case count has topped 500 in an ongoing outbreak of parasite-borne food poisoning, but government health officials still have not identified what’s making people sick[]

  • Toxicodendron Dermatitis

    […] dermatitis due to plants Contact dermatitis due to plants, except food Contact dermatitis due to poison ivy Contact dermatitis due to poison oak Contact dermatitis due to[] Stools of cadaverous odor. Frothy, painless stools. Will often abort a beginning suppurative process near the rectum. Dysentery.[] Mulligan of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. An excellent photo of the red-leafed stage is provided at the Cornell University Poisonous Plants Page .[]

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