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1,142 Possible Causes for Foot Discomfort, Microsporum, Toe Swelling

  • Tinea Pedis

    However, in most sports, any distraction caused by foot discomfort will undoubtedly detract from performance.[] Microsporum duboisii Microsporum equinum Microsporum ferrugineum Microsporum fulvum Microsporum gallinae Microsporum gypseum Microsporum langeronii Microsporum nanum Microsporum[] Pseudomonal toe web infections are distinctive clinical entities that are often misdiagnosed as tinea pedis.[]

  • Gout

    Symptoms of gout: Intense pain in the affected joints (usually those of the foot, and specifically the big toe) Swelling Redness Warmth Joint stiffness What causes gout?[] Gout symptom: swollen big toe Africa Studio/Shutterstock One of the first gout symptoms is usually a sudden episode of painful swelling due to the crystallization of uric[] Read More Gout Symptoms For many people, the first symptom of gout is excruciating pain and swelling in the big toe. Gout may also appear in the ankle or knee.[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Bunion

    Slip on this ultra-thin nylon/spandex foot and toe sleeve with gel and relieve bunion pressure, discomfort, and pain.[] That results in great toe swelling and shifting towards the other toes. Bunion deformity can also occur more frequently in families.[] Walking around in discomfort will only make your foot pain, as well as the problem itself, worsen. Do not hesitate to treat your feet![]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Ingrown Nail

    Try soaking your affected foot in warm salt water for 20 minutes at a time, 2–3 times a day, to relieve discomfort.[] Symptoms include pain in the toe, swelling and redness near the ingrowing nail (often on one side of the toe), and yellow or greenish pus oozing from the nail.[] Diabetes and Ingrown Toenails Diabetes can cause numnbess in the foot and toes (called diabetic peripheral neuropathy) that prevents one from feeling the early discomfort[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Morton's Metatarsalgia

    In addition to pain, numbness between toes may be experienced, and in extreme cases swelling of the affected phalanges (toes) may occur.[] […] in the ball of the foot The discomfort may even result in burning sensation, or one may feel a foreign body presence between the third and fourth toes, especially when standing[] MTP synovitis causes pain in the forefoot and sometimes results in an overlapping of the toes. There is often a swelling on the top of the foot near the toes.[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

    This compression causes pain and discomfort in the foot, especially when walking.[] Symptoms Pain and tingling in and around ankles and sometimes the toes Swelling of the feet Painful burning, tingling, or numb sensations in the lower legs.[] Some of the symptoms are: Pain and tingling in and around ankles and sometimes the toes Swelling of the feet and ankle area.[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Heelspur

    These can cause discomfort and inflammation in the ball of the foot. Wearing high heels.[] Heel surgery complications include, but are not limited to: infection, pain (temporary or permanent), swelling, hematoma, bleeding, blood clot, poor wound healing, incision[] This will result in pain and possibly swelling. The pain is especially noticeable when you push off with your toes while walking.[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Raynaud's Disease

    Tarsal coalition-related flat feet usually cause pain or discomfort.[] […] on fingers and toes, happens after being very cold, gets worse as you warm up chilblains Things you can do yourself keep your home warm wear warm clothes during cold weather[] Gout is a painful type of arthritis that causes sudden, severe attacks of pain, tenderness, redness, warmth, and swelling in the joints, especially the big toe.[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Chilblain

    You can also help prevent chilblains if you follow the a regular foot health routine.[] In a follow-up examination in the clinic 9 days later, the patient demonstrated significant improvement, with only slight swelling of her right second toe and discoloration[] A Chilblain On The Third Toe She was relieved to hear they’re non-contagious, small, itchy swellings on the skin that occur as a reaction to extremely cold temperatures.[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Paronychia

    […] skin on leg or foot looks infected , foot or toe swelling , hand or finger lump or mass , and nailbiting , although you may still have paronychia without those symptoms.[] After two days I would say that I have noticed a huge improvement in the discomfort I have been experiencing. My foot feels better than it has in months. Ric J.[] Fingers are more commonly involved than toes, and painless swelling of a digit is the usual presentation.[]

    Missing: Microsporum

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