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852 Possible Causes for Foot Drop

  • Lumbar Disk Herniation

    Foot drop is defined as inability to dorsiflex the foot at the ankle joint.[] Numbness, a pins-and-needles feeling, weakness, and/or tingling may be experienced in the leg, foot, and/or toes. See Foot Pain Causes and Treatments Foot drop .[] Weakness in the foot is especially common, with difficulty lifting the foot (known as foot drop) often reported in those with L4/L5 herniation.[]

  • Peripheral Neuropathy

    CASE REPORT: A 47-yr-old female hyperbaric technician developed foot drop 2 d following her last hyperbaric exposure.[] This leads to a condition called " foot drop ," in which it becomes difficult to lift the foot.[]

  • Entrapment Neuropathy

    Four patients had classical rheumatoid arthritis, while foot-drop developed in one man after trauma to the knee.[] Motor nerve injury would then cause two particular symptoms of weakness, foot drop and inversion sprain. Foot drop occurs when walking.[] Weakness usually starts in a distribution of a single peripheral nerve with unilateral wrist drop, foot drop, or grip weakness. 1–3,15 It can differentially involve branches[]

  • Chronic Kidney Insufficiency

    Abstract Anemia is a major problem in patients with chronic kidney insufficiency. The development of recombinant human erythropoietin has enabled physicians to correct this anemia. Although anemia has not been considered to be a common or important contributor to congestive heart failure, anemia of any cause can[…][]

  • Pelvic Fracture

    drop.[] […] involved in a bicycle accident, and who, a week after his injury, developed a delayed hypogastric branch artery pseudoaneurysm causing sciatic nerve compression with a right foot[]

  • Lumbar and Sacral Arthritis

    drop," weakness in a foot that causes a limp Loss of sexual ability Pressure on nerves in the lumbar region (lower back) can also cause more serious symptoms known as cauda[] […] arms, buttocks, or down into the legs (sciatica) Numbness, cramping, or weakness in the arms, hands, or legs Loss of sensation in the feet Trouble with hand coordination "Foot[]

  • Peroneal Nerve Paralysis

    […] hallucis longus), which are innervated by the deep peroneal nerve, foot drop occurs.[] Price: Rs 1,149.00 Foot Drop Splint Right Or Left VISSCO Rs 709.00 VISSCO Foot Drop Splint Right Or Left 0730An Ankle-Foot-Orthosis (AFO) can be used to keep the dropped foot[] Treatments for foot drop vary according to the cause. WebMD takes a look at the most common causes and treatments for foot drop. What Causes Foot Drop?[]

  • Peroneal Nerve Compression Neuropathy

    Abstract Foot drop is a debilitating condition, which may take many months to recover.[] Injury to the peroneal nerve can cause foot drop, a distinctive way of walking due to an inability to bend the foot upward at the ankle.[] Dysfunction of the common peroneal nerve can be characterized by top of the foot sensory deficits or foot and ankle motor weakness (“foot drop”).[]

  • Tick Paralysis

    He had bilateral foot drop and slight weakness in multiple muscles, none different from his baseline.[] Medical history was significant for childhood polio with residual bilateral foot drop, Type 2 diabetes, bilateral lower extremity polyneuropathy, atrial fibrillation with[]

  • Multifocal Motor Neuropathy

    Clinically, it is characterized by slowly progressive asymmetrical predominantly distal weakness; unilateral wrist drop, grip weakness, and foot drop are the commonest initial[] Wrist drop and foot drop (leading to trips and falls) are common symptoms. Other effects can include gradual loss of finger extension, leading to a clawlike appearance.[] MMN can however, lead to significant disability, with loss of function in hands affecting ability to work and perform everyday tasks, and "foot drop" leading to inability[]

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