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386 Possible Causes for Foot Drop, Leg Cramp

  • Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia

    A person may develop tightness in the leg muscles as a result of spasticity and may suffer from leg cramps and muscle spasms.[] […] orthosis) can help foot drop (read more about the treatment of foot drop ) surgery may occasionally be needed to release tendons or shortened muscles Outlook The outlook[] Many patients with HSP may not get their required amount sleep, because of leg cramps or spasms or as a result of the frequent need to urinate during the night.[]

  • Tetanus

    Tetanus causes cramping of the muscles in the neck, arms, leg and stomach, and painful convulsions which can be severe enough to break bones.[] We found this case to be associated with dysphagia and facial spasm, and we learned that the child had dropped a brick on his foot 2 weeks previously.[]

  • Vincristine

    […] swelling of feet or lower legs weakness Less common Agitation bed-wetting confusion convulsions (seizures) decrease or increase in urination dizziness or lightheadedness[] Other parents attribute neurological problems and especially constipation and stomach cramps to vincristine; also "foot drop", a characteristic manner of walking.[] […] swelling of feet or lower legs weakness unconsciousness Get medical help immediately if any of the following occur: black, tarry stools or blood in urine or stools cough[]

  • Oculopharyngeal Muscular Dystrophy

    Muscle weakness occurs mostly in your arms and legs, with symptoms appearing between age 11 and 25.[] Swallowing may also be affected, and foot drop is another common late symptom. Defects in the polyadenylate binding protein gene PABPN1 are the cause of OMD.[] Sometimes even foot drop is seen in such cases. Muscles of abdomen, lower arm, triceps, biceps and deltoids are weak.[]

  • Baclofen

    I take it for severe leg cramps. This medication is amazing for my leg cramps. I still get a few, but they are not that severe.[] Particularly, 3 ambulatory CP patients showed standing impairment and 1 ambulatory CP patient showed impaired gait pattern such as foot drop because of excessive reduction[] I'm thankful not to have awful leg cramps. I want to also let you know that my sister takes 60 mgs of Baclofen 5 to 6 times a day with no adverse side effects.[]

  • Paralysis

    cramps What Can I Do About Sleep Paralysis?[] Post-stroke paralysis symptoms may include but are not limited to: Hemiparesis Spasticity/stiff muscles Dysphagia: trouble swallowing Hemiplegia Foot drop Weakness Incoordination[] You may notice sleep paralysis occurring with leg cramps. It may also happen after a change in your medicines. Discuss these issues with your doctor.[]

  • Spondylolisthesis

    A 69-year-old female presented with moderate low back pain (7/10 pain) and severe leg cramping (7/10 pain).[] drop.[] Symptoms Low back and/or buttock pain Radiating leg pain, numbness, weakness Cramping leg pain and numbness Difficulty standing Difficulty walking Heaviness in legs Treatment[]

  • Terminal 4q Deletion Syndrome

    […] prenatally diagnosed mosaic trisomy. hammer toes foot bone abnormalities high arches mild loss of sensation in the limbs fingers and numbness feet pain occasional lower leg[] drop.[] cramping arched Tooth demyelinating autosomal recessive. qqter CHILDREN WITH 4q-SYNDROME: THE PARENTS’ PERSPECTIVE Van Eijk R. where genes for adult polycystic kidney disease[]

  • Focal Myositis

    Review of symptoms elicited a history of chronic bilateral leg cramps. Physical exam revealed an obese gentleman in obvious discomfort.[] Drop 386 Case 61 An Elderly Woman with Foot Drop and Hand Weakness 393 Case 62 A Woman with Rheumatoid Arthritis Who Developed Numbness and Pain in the Feet 399 Case 63 A[] drop , making it difficult to lift the front part of your foot and toes and causing the foot to drag on the ground when walking; IBM is more common in men and tends to occur[]

  • Vitamin B Deficiency

    Once again, B1 vitamin benefits include prevention of abnormal development of muscles and nerves, pricking and burning sensation in the toes and feet, leg cramps and atrophy[] I have foot drop in my right foot due to spinal stenosis. … Vitamin B12 Deficiency, MS and Parkinson's I was diagnosed at the first of May with severe B12 deficiency, Level[]

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