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88 Possible Causes for Forearm Pain, Horner's Syndrome, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

    Symptoms of thoracic outlet syndrome may include: Pain, numbness, and tingling in the pinky and ring fingers, and the inner forearm Pain and tingling in the neck and shoulders[] Perioperative complications included 1 occurrence of postoperative transfusion for bleeding following axillary drain discontinuation and 2 Horner's syndromes.[] Abstract Thoracic outlet syndrome is a well-described disorder caused by thoracic outlet compression of the brachial plexus and/or the subclavian vessels.[]

  • Pancoast Syndrome

    3 Responses Hi, The pain for Pancoast syndrome generally is more common along the forearm and hand (particularly the ring and pinkie fingers) rather than on the clavicle.[] ’s syndrome in up to 50% due to invasion of the superior cervical sympathetic chain and stellate ganglion Ptosis Miosis Anhidrosis Superior vena caval obstruction Phrenic[] . • The differential diagnoses of arm and shoulder pain are extensive; however, the primary conditions that must be excluded are thoracic outlet syndrome and cervical disk[]

  • Ulnar Nerve Entrapment

    Although not definitive on clinical exam or EMG, avulsion injury was suspected due to the presence of Horner's syndrome.[] Pain within the elbow joint How is Ulnar Nerve Entrapment at the Elbow Diagnosed?[] outlet syndrome, cervical spine pathology, compression by anterior scalene muscles Problems originating in the chest: compression by pectoralis minor muscles Brachial plexus[]

  • Brachial Plexus Neuritis

    Brachial plexus problems (or “brachial plexopathy”) show up as pain, altered sensation, and weakness (or paralysis) in groups of muscles of the shoulder, arm, forearm, or[] . • If caused by a lung cancer, Horner's syndrome (eye drooping and decreased sweating in the face and small pupil)can be seen on physical exam.[] […] anticus syndrome Thoracic outlet syndrome Thoracic outlet syndrome arterial Thoracic outlet syndrome neurogenic Thoracic outlet syndrome venous Venous thoracic outlet syndrome[]

  • Brachial Plexus Neuropathy

    Horner Syndrome The University of Maryland Medical Center lists Horner syndrome among the possible symptoms that can manifest in cases of brachial plexus neuropathy.[] Two weeks later the patient complained of a dull ache between the scapulae, followed by a burning sensation in the forearm and severe pain in the elbow.[] Brachial Plexus Injury – Neck Pain – Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Orlando Massage Therapeutic – Orlando Medical Massage – Neck Pain Treatment Brachial Plexus – Thoracic Outlet[]

  • Scalenus Anticus Syndrome

    Symptoms of thoracic outlet syndrome may include: Pain, numbness, and tingling in the pinky and ring fingers, and the inner forearm Pain and tingling in the neck and shoulders[] Thus, involvement of the lower portion of the plexus by disease or injury may produce Horner’s syndrome (ptosis, miosis, enophthalmos, and anhidrosis).[] Treatment Physical therapy is often used to treat thoracic outlet syndrome.[]

  • Cervical Rib Syndrome

    From WikiCNS Rare entity associated with upper extremity weakness (atrophy of the thenar eminence), arm pain (medial forearm), and cervical ribs Occurs typically in young[] Compression of the sympathetic chain may cause Horner's syndrome.[] Thoracic outlet syndrome associated with a large cervical rib. Angiol Sosud Khir. 2009;43(4):393‒394. Huang JH, Zager EL. Thoracic outlet syndrome.[]

  • Rib Fracture

    Clinically, the patient developed progressive pain, numbness and tingling along the inner surface of the left forearm and in the palmar surface of the fourth finger and lateral[] Left Horner's syndrome was caused by a left transverse fracture of the first rib.[] Horner syndrome should be kept in mind in cases of first rib fractures.[]

  • Cervical Nerve Root Avulsion

    Presentation can be pain at the elbow or 'burning' in the forearm. [ 11 ] Examination The following features are characteristic: Weakness of elbow flexion and forearm supination[] Observe for signs of Horner’s syndrome.[] Others, like Guillain-Barre syndrome, happen after a virus infection. Still others are from nerve compression, like carpal tunnel syndrome or thoracic outlet syndrome.[]

  • Migraine

    De Hoon, Reproducibility of forearm vasodilator response to intra‐arterial infusion of calcitonin gene‐related peptide assessed by venous occlusion plethysmography, British[] […] of absent vision with a shimmering or glittering zigzag border Physical findings during a migraine headache may include the following: Cranial/cervical muscle tenderness Horner[] Robinson, Venous Thoracic Outlet Syndrome as a Cause of Intractable Migraines, Annals of Vascular Surgery, 39, (285.e5), (2017).[]

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