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588 Possible Causes for Foreign Body Sensation

  • Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency

    Preoperative best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) was 20/40 or worse in all eyes (average 20/70, range 20/40-20/250) and patient symptoms included foreign body sensation, tearing[] Patients complain of blurry vision, a foreign-body sensation, photophobia, tearing, and pain. Clinical examination.[] Some of these symptoms could include foreign body sensation, contact lens intolerance, or photophobia, she said.[]

  • ACHOO Syndrome

    Eagle's syndrome or styloid process is a condition in which an elongated styloid process or calcified stylohyoid ligament causes occasional pain in the neck, foreign body[] sensation or some other form of retromandibular-cervical pain.[]

  • Suramin

    Two patients complained of foreign-body sensation. One patient developed opacities of the anterior lens epithelium.[]

  • Tacrolimus

    The patient had tearing, photophobia, itching, foreign body sensation, and red eye. The patient's signs and symptoms progressed despite the use of topical steroids.[]

  • Progressive Loss of Visual Acuity

    A foreign body sensation and conjunctival injection are often present, but may not be prominent.[]

  • Vitreous Abscess

    Patient was presented with redness, pain, foreign body sensation, and swelling in left eye 1 week post-intravitreal injection for second opinion.[] Case Report A 61-year-old male patient attended the outpatient department complaining of pain, redness, foreign body sensation, and swelling in left eye.[] He complained of pain, redness, foreign body sensation, and swelling in left eye next day following intravitreal injection, for which he was started on oral ciprofloxacine[]

  • Snow Blindness

    body sensation Severe cases: pain redness photophobia blepharospasm lacrimation blurring of vision Signs Bilateral (if unilateral, suspect corneal or subtarsal foreign body[] 6-12 hours between exposure and onset of symptoms is usual; however, latency varies inversely with exposure dose and can be as short as 1 hour Mild cases: irritation and foreign[]

  • Dacryocystitis

    Common complaints include itching, irritation, burning, redness, foreign body sensation, and tearing. Children frequently have a congenital lacrimal duct obstruction.[]

  • Cerebrovascular Insufficiency

    A 77-year-old woman had long-standing moderate dysphagia and right-sided foreign body sensations in the throat. She had no history of alcohol or tobacco abuse.[] These anatomic variations remain asymptomatic in the majority of cases but can also become apparent with dysphagia, pharyngeal foreign body sensations, intraoral pulsations[]

  • Epidemic Keratoconjunctivitis

    EKC is an adenoviral infection that typically starts with a unilateral foreign body sensation and then develops, within a few hours or days, into bilateral keratoconjunctivitis[] Symptoms: Foreign body sensation, photophobia, conjunctival hyperemic, eyelid stuck together in the morning, eyelid edema and sero-fibrinous discharge Ocular symptoms commonly[] body sensation This disorder is caused by a small virus and therefore has no specific treatment.[]

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