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397 Possible Causes for Formication, Insomnia

  • Acute Amphetamine Intoxication

    The length and severity of the depression is related to how much and how often amphetamines were used. craving exhaustion depression mental confusion restlessness and insomnia[] Formication (sensory hallucination of insects crawling on/under skin, leading to obsessive scratching) and ulceration.[] Severe stomach pain Stroke Long-term use of methamphetamine can lead to significant psychological problems, including: Delusional behavior Extreme paranoia Major mood swings Insomnia[]

  • Anxiety Disorder

    This disorder is characterized by at least 6 months of pervasive and excessive anxiety; recurring worry about common events; and physical symptoms, such as muscle tension, insomnia[] Ji Hyun Baek, Andrew A Nierenberg and Gustavo Kinrys, Clinical applications of herbal medicines for anxiety and insomnia; targeting patients with bipolar disorder, Australian[] Symptoms include increased arousal such as insomnia, irritability, difficulty concentrating, hypervigilance, or exaggerated startle response.[]

  • Hereditary ATTR Amyloidosis

    For each patient, the symptoms will depend on which organs are affected by the protein deposits: Heart Nausea Weight loss Insomnia Progressive fatigue Dizziness Shortness[] Prions are infectious amyloid proteins that transmit the diseases kuru, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, fatal familial insomnia, and Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker syndrome.[]

  • Menopause

    […] helicopter pilot who presented to the Aviation Psychiatry Department with a several-month history of inconsistent training performance, mood lability, tearfulness, anxiety, insomnia[] *Formication can be defined as itchy skin or a crawling feeling as though tiny insects are on the body.[] Generally, post-menopausal women are less satisfied with their sleep and as many as 61% report insomnia symptoms.[]

  • Amphetamine Delusional Disorder

    Insomnia. Hyperactivity. Poor attention. Memory problems. Poor problem-solving. Paranoid delusions. Hallucinations. Higher risk of seizures.[] Misdiagnosed Pruritus; Formication due to Chronic Amphetamine Abuse. Asia Pac J Med Toxicol 2016;5:32-4. Statistics Article View: 1,399 PDF Download: 779[] In some cases, formication occurs during active use of a given substance; in other cases, it occurs during withdrawal from a substance.[]

  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency

    […] ideation Mania Anxiety Paranoia Irritability Apathy Personality changes Inappropriate sexual behaviour Violent/aggressive behaviour Schizophrenic symptoms Sleep disturbances Insomnia[]

  • Restless Legs Syndrome

    Herein, we describe 7 patients with isolated insomnia in whom insomnia responded to low dose levo-dopa. Six of them had a family history of RLS.[] Visual hallucinations, distortion of body image, psychotic reactions, formication, muscle fasciculation and twitching (occasionally resembling myoclonus), and considerable[] KEYWORDS: Clinical; Gender; Insomnia; Restless legs; Review; Sleep apnoea[]

  • Alcohol Withdrawal

    First published: 03 May 2006 Cited by: 13 Abstract Background: Sleep electroencephalogram alterations and insomnia complaints persist after alcohol withdrawal in dependent[] […] resemblance to the morphology of an insect, and are also associated with tactile hallucinations such as sensations of something crawling on the subject—a phenomenon known as formication[] The spectrum of alcohol withdrawal symptoms ranges from such minor symptoms as insomnia and tremulousness to severe complications such as withdrawal seizures and delirium[]

  • Benzodiazepine Withdrawal

    However, typical treatment strategies for patients with insomnia rarely include any component to deal with these daytime symptoms.[] Visual hallucinations, distortion of body image, psychotic reactions, formication, muscle fasciculation and twitching (occasionally resembling myoclonus), and considerable[] […] misperceptions Excitability, jumpiness, restlessness Distortion of body image Poor memory and concentration Tingling, numbness, altered sensation Dizziness, light-headedness Formication[]

  • Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

    MS acupuncture has also he lped with reducing ms pain, reducing ms spasms, reducing ms insomnia, reducing ms stress, reducing the severity and frequency of ms attacks.[]

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