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1,328 Possible Causes for Foul Body Odor, Loss of Motor Skills, Unconscious State

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    skills, or slurred speech.[] Those signs include trouble with their speech, such as slurring their words, and have dulled motor skills, often noted by loss of balance or coordination.[] Alcohol intoxication can be harmful for a variety of reasons, including: Impaired brain function resulting in poor judgment, reduced reaction time, loss of balance and motor[]

  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis

    Two hours into treatment he became unconscious and with sluggish pupillary response.[] The second case reported was in an 8 years old boy on first presentation of T1D with severe DKA with hyperosmolar state with serum glucose of 1668 mg/dL[ 30 ].[]

    Missing: Loss of Motor Skills
  • Hepatic Encephalopathy

    There is usually asterixis and difficulty with writing and other fine motor skills. Patients are moderately obtunded, confused, and disoriented.[] Until recently, his symptoms seemed to fall under Stage 3, but his most recent episodes resulted in him being in a comotose state.[] "Why is he unconscious", they ponder.[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Indicators of infection in seniors include the following: Confusion or delirium Agitation Hallucinations Other unusual behavioral changes Poor motor skills or loss of coordination[]

    Missing: Unconscious State
  • Anemia

    Growth retardation, general hypotonia, and loss of neuromotor skills have been described in infants of mothers with cobalamin deficiency. 92 Furthermore, cobalamin supplementation[] […] improves the motor functioning and regurgitation of cobalamin-deficient infants. 93 Notably, hematologic abnormalities caused by cobalamin deficiency may respond to folate[]

    Missing: Foul Body Odor
  • Intracranial Hemorrhage

    […] of fine motor skills, such as hand tremors Loss of coordination Loss of balance An abnormal sense of taste Loss of consciousness Keep in mind that many of these symptoms[] If the patient cannot provide the history because of unconsciousness or altered mental state, a witness or other historian should be interviewed.[] If they don't lose consciousness, they may be confused and have an altered mental state.[]

    Missing: Foul Body Odor
  • Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

    […] of fine motor skills, such as hand tremors Loss of coordination Loss of balance An abnormal sense of taste Loss of consciousness Keep in mind that many of these symptoms[] After a short time, blood flow increases again as part of a reactive response (reactive hyperaemia ), whereby the patient can re-emerge from the state of unconsciousness.[] […] vomiting Decreased alertness; lethargy Changes in vision Tingling or numbness Difficulty speaking or understanding speech Difficulty swallowing Difficulty writing or reading Loss[]

    Missing: Foul Body Odor
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

    Most (80.6%) confirmed cases were reported from 3 states (Edo, Ondo, and Ebonyi).[] Fatal outcomes were significantly associated with being elderly; no administration of ribavirin; and the presence of a cough, hemorrhaging, and unconsciousness.[]

    Missing: Loss of Motor Skills
  • Isovaleric Acidemia

    Coma MedGen UID: 1054 • Concept ID: C0009421 • Disease or Syndrome A profound state of unconsciousness associated with depressed cerebral activity from which the individual[] Clinical course; occasionally foul odor of “sweaty feet” caused by isovaleric acid in body fluids; metabolic acidosis with mild-to-moderate ketonuria and lactic acidemia;[]

    Missing: Loss of Motor Skills
  • Heat Stroke

    The foul odor associated with sweat comes from the apocrine glands found in the armpits and genital region; the sweat from these glands produces a smell when it comes in contact[] The area of the brain known as the hypothalamus controls your body temperature by regulating sweat output and blood flow to the skin.[]

    Missing: Loss of Motor Skills