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1,368 Possible Causes for Foul Smelling Urine, Patient Appears Acutely Ill, Uterine Prolapse

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    CONCLUSIONS: The concurrent presence of cloudy and foul smelling urine is predicted of UTI diagnosis inpatients tertiary setting.[] Rates of infection are high in postmenopausal women because of bladder or uterine prolapse causing incomplete bladder emptying; loss of estrogen with attendant changes in[] urination painful or difficult urination discomfort above the pubic bone blood in the urine foul-smelling urine nausea and/or vomiting fever chills pain in the back or side[]

  • Acute Cystitis

    Rates of infection are high in postmenopausal women because of bladder or uterine prolapse causing incomplete bladder emptying; loss of estrogen with attendant changes in[] The symptoms of a bladder infection include: Cloudy or bloody urine Strong or foul-smelling urine Low fever (not everyone will have a fever) Pain or burning with urination[] ; frequent need to urinate, though only small amounts of urine may come out; nighttime urination; pain in the lower back or abdomen ; strong or foul-smelling urine cloudy[]

  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    Korean J Intern Med. 2009 Dec;24(4):381-7. doi: 10.3904/kjim.2009.24.4.381. Epub 2009 Nov 27. Abstract Infectious mononucleosis due to Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infection sometimes causes acute hepatitis, which is usually self-limiting with mildly elevated transaminases, but rarely with jaundice. Primary EBV infection in[…][]

    Missing: Uterine Prolapse
  • Acute Pyelonephritis

    Abstract A six year-old girl presented with acute oliguric renal failure, secondary to acute, non-obstructive pyelonephritis. Evidence for pyelonephritis as the cause of renal failure included: the evolution of typical changes on serial intravenous pyelograms, an acute interstitial inflammatory exudate on percutaneous[…][]

    Missing: Uterine Prolapse
  • Amnionitis

    […] more foul smell.)[] & Compression Uterine Rupture Resources Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Treatment & Therapy Finances Special Education Support Organizations Videos Glossary Disability[] […] inertia 661.0 primipara, elderly or old 659.5 prolapse prolonged labor 662.1 pyrexia during labor 659.2 rachitic pelvis 653.2 rectocele 654.4 retained membranes or portions[]

  • Acute Prostatitis

    If you have acute prostatitis, you may develop: chills a fever pelvic pain painful urination blood in your urine foul-smelling urine a decreased urinary stream difficulty[] […] desire to pass urine, foul-smelling urine, difficulty emptying your bladder, weak urinary stream, and sometimes you may notice bloody urine.[] Urinary symptoms include: Blood in the urine Burning or pain with urination Difficulty starting to urinate or emptying the bladder Foul-smelling urine Weak urine stream Other[]

    Missing: Uterine Prolapse
  • Cholelithiasis

    Maybe thirst or thirst with no desire to drink Diarrhea with foul smell or Constipation Fever Sweet sticky taste or bitter taste in mouth T: Pink C: Thick, yellow and greasy[] […] the chest Epigastric mass Maybe abdominal pain on palpation Yang jaundice (sclera and skin are bright yellow) Dislike of oily foods Nausea Vomiting Lassitude Scanty, dark urine[]

    Missing: Uterine Prolapse
  • Balanitis

    Infection is accompanied by foul smelling discharge which collects under the foreskin. Some patients may feel burning sensations while urinating.[] […] and erythema of the glans penis Pruritus Foul smelling discharge Systemic symptoms such as fever and nausea are rarely seen in patients.[] Symptoms The symptoms of balanitis includes : Red and swollen head of the penis and foreskin Pain of the penile head and foreskin Foul smelling penile discharge Rashes on[]

    Missing: Uterine Prolapse
  • Balanoposthitis

    Your child has trouble urinating. You see signs of infection, such as warmth, redness, swelling, or foul-smelling fluid leaking from the penis.[] The affected area/s will be sore and irritated, and purulent or foul-smelling subpreputial discharge may be present early in the disease, after which shallow ulcers, phimosis[] The individual may complain of pain with urination (dysuria), coital pain (dyspareunia) or impotence.[]

    Missing: Uterine Prolapse
  • Vaginal Prolapse

    Pelvic relaxation - uterine prolapse; Pelvic floor hernia; Prolapsed uterus; Incontinence - prolapse Uterine prolapse occurs when the womb (uterus) drops down and presses[] You are leaking urine or bowel movement. You have a fever. You have foul-smelling fluid coming from your vagina.[] About Uterine Prolapse Uterine prolapse, also known as pelvic organ prolapse, is a condition when a woman’s uterus sags or slips out of its normal position.[]

    Missing: Patient Appears Acutely Ill