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34 Possible Causes for Foul Smelling Urine, Pelvic Pain, Rectovaginal Fistula

  • Rectovaginal Fistula

    […] sexual intercourse Persistent pain in the pelvic area Diagnosis You will be asked about your symptoms and medical history.[] External links [ edit ] Rectovaginal fistula at Curlie[] Presenting symptoms included passage of feces per vaginam, signs of intestinal subocclusion without perianal inflammation, left leg paresis and foul-smelling urine.[]

  • Diverticulitis of the Colon

    Diverticulitis can be confused with other causes of abdominal pain such as appendicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease or irritable bowel syndrome.[] A 63-year-old woman was referred to our department with the complaints of dysuria, turbid and foul smelling urine.[] I had presented in the ER with severe left lower quadrant pain but no fever and normal white blood count.[]

  • Pelvic Abscess

    The patient defervesced after 6 days of intravenous antibiotics, but the pelvic pain did not improve.[] Computed tomography (CT) scan showed PID with bilateral tubo-ovarian abscesses and an air-containing abscess in the rectovaginal pouch in which a suspicious fistula within[] Irritation of the peritoneum or neighboring organs can cause bilateral lower quadrant abdominal pain, diarrhea, prostration, increased frequency of urination, dysuria, foul-smelling[]

  • Vesicovaginal Fistula

    Continuous leakage of urine and or faeces, the foul smell and genital sores make the woman unable to assume her socio-cultural expected roles.[] One woman presented with an inability to have sexual intercourse, and the other with severe cyclic pelvic pain.[] […] majority of rectovaginal fistulas, 88%, are caused by obstetric trauma (postpartum rectovaginal fistula).[]

  • Bladder Fistula

    After the procedure, he suffered from sudden onset of abdominal guarding pain.[] (known as a rectovaginal fistula).[] Continual leakage of urine from the vagina. Foul-smelling gas or discharge from the vagina. Feces leaking into the vagina. Frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs) .[]

  • Vaginal Tissue Injury

    Another way that scar tissue can wreak havoc within the pelvic floor is as a result of referred pain.[] Obstructed labor can lead to vesicovaginal and rectovaginal fistulas.[] Continual leakage of urine from the vagina. Foul-smelling gas or discharge from the vagina. Feces leaking into the vagina. Frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs).[]

  • Rectocele

    At Rush, you also have the option of contacting the Program for Abdominal and Pelvic Health , which is designed to address the full range of issues related to pelvic pain.[] The first report of rectovaginal fistula after Posterior Intravaginal Slingplasty with graft augmented rectocele repair is presented.[] […] develop complications such as: Signs of infection, including fever and chills Excessive bleeding or any discharge from the incision site Unusually heavy vaginal bleeding or foul-smelling[]

  • Anorectal Fistula

    Diffuse pelvic pain and raised body temperature are found occasionally.[] Rectovaginal fistula in Crohn’s disease. Dis Colon Rectum 2007 ;50(12):2215–2222. Crossref, Medline, Google Scholar 5. Saclarides TJ. Rectovaginal fistula.[] The most common ones are: Pain Redness Swelling around your anus You might also notice: Bleeding Painful bowel movements or urination Fever A foul-smelling liquid oozing from[]

  • Cervical Cancer

    Later, you may have pelvic pain or bleeding from the vagina. It usually takes several years for normal cells in the cervix to turn into cancer cells.[] Rectovaginal fistulas may occur from primary tumor invasion of the adjacent rectum. These more often result from radiation injury or tumor recurrence.[] smelling) pelvic or back pain pain on urination blood in the stool or urine Many of these symptoms are non-specific, and could represent a variety of different conditions[]

  • Pelvic Pain in Women

    Abstract Chronic pelvic pain in women is defined as persistent, noncyclic pain perceived to be in structures related to the pelvis and lasting more than six months.[] Mostly caused due to bacteria, UTI is characterised by frequent urination, pain or burning sensation while urinating, changes in the urine colour and consistency, foul smell[] OBJECTIVE: We sought to explore multifactorial variables independently associated with the severity of chronic pelvic pain in women.[]

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