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17 Possible Causes for Foul Smelling Urine, Rectovaginal Fistula, Suprapubic Pain

  • Rectovaginal Fistula

    Presenting symptoms included passage of feces per vaginam, signs of intestinal subocclusion without perianal inflammation, left leg paresis and foul-smelling urine.[] External links [ edit ] Rectovaginal fistula at Curlie[] In higher fistulas, abdominal approaches are used as well. Stoma creation is more frequently required in rectovaginal fistulas than in anal fistulas.[]

  • Diverticulitis of the Colon

    […] with rebound and guarding (perforation) Urinary tract findings (colovesicular/colovaginal fistula) include suprapubic, flank, costovertebral tenderness; pneumaturia (air[] A 63-year-old woman was referred to our department with the complaints of dysuria, turbid and foul smelling urine.[] The acute presentation is typically described as a constellation of “left sided appendicitis” characterized by left lower quadrant pain, fevers and leukocytosis, which is[]

  • Bladder Fistula

    (known as a rectovaginal fistula).[] Gouverneur syndrome, include suprapubic pain, frequency, dysuria and tenesmus.[] The symptoms usually encountered are: chronic urinary tract infections, gas bubbles during urination, bowel movements with urine in them, feces in the urine, foul smelling[]

  • Pelvic Abscess

    Computed tomography (CT) scan showed PID with bilateral tubo-ovarian abscesses and an air-containing abscess in the rectovaginal pouch in which a suspicious fistula within[] The patient looked well with a non-septic appearance at her presentation with mild suprapubic pain,urinary symptoms and later fever, rigors, but no signs of abdomino-pelvic[] Irritation of the peritoneum or neighboring organs can cause bilateral lower quadrant abdominal pain, diarrhea, prostration, increased frequency of urination, dysuria, foul-smelling[]

  • Enterovesical Fistula

    Gouveneur’s sign, which is frequency, dysuria, tenesmus and suprapubic pain, is highly suggestive of EVF.[] In a rectovaginal fistula, feces escape through the wall of the anal canal or rectum into the vagina.[] Gouverneur syndrome or suprapubic pain, frequency, dysuria, and tenesmus are the hallmarks of enterovesical fistulae.[]

  • Third Degree Uterine Prolapse

    Complications: vaginal discharge and odour, vesicovaginal and rectovaginal fistulas, faecal impaction, hydronephrosis, urosepsis.[] , and a sense of "heaviness" in the vaginal area. [2] Pain associated with uterine prolapse can be located centrally or suprapubic, and can be described as "dragging" in the[] The symptoms include back pain, painful abdominal cramps, burning urination, difficulty standing, walking, sitting or lifting, and a foul smelling discharge.[]

  • Perineal Fistula

    HS, Dreznik Z: Rectovaginal fistula.[] Case report In May 2007, a 52-year-old man with post-traumatic paraplegia sub-L2 (ASIA D) presented to our emergency room with fever and suprapubic pain since 3 days.[] The fistula may also drain pus or a foul-smelling discharge. These symptoms vary based on the severity and location of the fistula.[]

  • Enterovaginal Fistula

    It's important to have a rectovaginal fistula evaluated. Some rectovaginal fistulas may close on their own, but most need to be repaired surgically.[] These fistulas are associated with dysuria, pneumaturia, suprapubic pain and increased urinary frequency.[] You may experience urine leakage, gas or foul-smelling discharge, and your genitals may become irritated or infected.[]

  • Enteroenteric Fistula

    Results: By analysing STIR, images documented 31 simple fistulas, 58 complex fistulas, 12 perianal abscess, 4 rectovaginal fistulas and 1 enteroenterica fistula.[] Fistulas that involve thebladder can present with suprapubic pain and urinary symp-toms, including dysuria, pneumaturia and recurrent infections[5, 13, 14].ImagingIn recent[] The fistula may also drain pus or a foul-smelling discharge. These symptoms vary based on the severity and location of the fistula.[]

  • Ureterovaginal Fistula

    Vesicovaginal, Rectovaginal & Ureterovaginal Fistulas In 1992 Dr.[] A 31-year-old woman presented immediately after TVOR with right lower abdominal pain with irradiation to the suprapubic area and vaginal discharge.[] Symptoms The symptoms of vaginal fistula are: urine or stool pass through the vagina foul smell vaginal ifections urinary infections pain during intercourse Causes The causes[]