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96 Possible Causes for Foul Smelling Vaginal Discharge, Herpes Simplex Infection

  • Vaginitis

    Symptoms Bacterial vaginosis — Bacterial vaginosis causes an abnormal grayish-white vaginal discharge with a foul-smelling vaginal odor.[] Herpes simplex virus, also known commonly as herpes, is a type of infective virus that can be transmitted via sexual contact.[] Clues to some causes of vaginal discharge Normal: thin to thick, clear or slightly white or yellow, minimal to profuse discharge Retained tampon: increasingly foul-smelling[]

  • Salpingitis

    Symptoms of acute salpingitis may include: Severe lower abdominal pain Heavy vaginal bleeding during menstrual cycle High fever and chills Vomiting Abnormal and foul-smelling[] Reintervention 3 months later with resection of a small vaginal 'polyp' revealed a residual portion of fallopian tube, with superimposed herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection[] Foul smelling vaginal discharge. Pain felt during ovulation. Pain felt during sexual intercourse. Pain occurring and subsiding during periods. Pain in the abdomen .[]

  • Granuloma Inguinale

    Both patients presented with a bloody foul-smelling vaginal discharge.[] Chancroid, lymphogranuloma venereum, granuloma inguinale, genital herpes simplex infection, and molluscum contagiosum . Clinics in Dermatology.[] simplex] infections Reimbursement claims with a date of service on or after October 1, 2015 require the use of ICD-10-CM codes.[]

  • Pelvic Abscess

    vaginal discharge, vaginal bleeding, and dyspareunia.[] […] and vulvovaginitis in: · candidiasis ( B37.3 ) · herpesviral [herpes simplex] infection ( A60.0 ) · pinworm infection ( B80 ) N77.8* Vulvovaginal ulceration and inflammation[] If a female is experiencing the following symptoms, she should see a health care provider: Abdominal pain that does not go away Irregular vaginal bleeding Foul-smelling vaginal[]

  • Foreign Body

    The patient was complaining of a foul-smelling vaginal discharge and lower abdominal pain. On vaginal examination, a hard and large foreign body was found.[] If there is no clear mechanism of injury, consider corneal infection such as herpes simplex, or chemical injury.[] Continued Symptoms of a Foreign Body in the Vagina Common symptoms of a vaginal foreign body include the following: Vaginal discharge, generally foul-smelling and yellow,[]

  • Parametritis

    vaginal discharge pale skin, which can be a sign of large volume blood loss chills feelings of discomfort or illness headache loss of appetite increased heart rate Symptoms[] […] and vulvovaginitis in: · candidiasis ( B37.3 ) · herpesviral [herpes simplex] infection ( A60.0 ) · pinworm infection ( B80 ) N77.8* Vulvovaginal ulceration and inflammation[] […] uterine muscle parametritis: an infection of the areas around the uterus Symptoms and signs may include: fever pain in the lower abdomen or pelvis caused by a swollen uterus foul-smelling[]

  • Chlamydial Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    Symptoms of PID include: Diffuse pain and tenderness in the lower abdomen Pelvic pain Increased foul-smelling vaginal discharge Fever and chills Vomiting and nausea Pain during[] […] and vulvovaginitis in: · candidiasis ( B37.3 ) · herpesviral [herpes simplex] infection ( A60.0 ) · pinworm infection ( B80 ) N77.8* Vulvovaginal ulceration and inflammation[] vaginal discharge tiredness Pelvic inflammatory disease can cause mild or moderate pain.[]

  • Amnionitis

    Fever [5] Maternal tachycardia (cardiac arrhythmia) Increased fetal heart rate (fetal tachycardia) [6] Sweating Uterine tenderness and pain Foul smelling vaginal discharge[] If there are signs of infection (fever, foul-smelling vaginal discharge), give antibiotics as for amnionitis .[] discharge after 22 weeks • Fever/chills • Abdominal pain • History of loss of fluid • Tender uterus • Rapid fetal heart rate • Lighta vaginal bleeding Amnionitis • Foul-smelling[]

  • Prevotella Melaninogenica

    A foul-smelling vaginal discharge is present, the uterus and adnexa are tender, and perforation of the uterus may lead to pelvic peritonitis.[] Low risk of herpes simplex virus infections... ‎ Seite 310 - The International Perinatal HIV Group.[] The incubation period is short, usually 12 to 72 hours, and is followed by vaginal bleeding, low-grade fever, and lower abdominal pain.[]

  • Chorioamnionitis

    Other signs include appearing ill, sweating profusely, foul-smelling vaginal discharge, significantly rapid heart rate, or a high white blood cell count.[] […] tissue disorders Round ligament pain [8] Colitis Placental abruption Urinary tract infection or pyelonephritis [9] Appendicitis Influenza Pneumonia Herpes Simplex Virus Infection[] Look out for these symptoms of chorioamnionitis: high temperature a foul-smelling vaginal discharge fast pulse rate pain in your abdomen.[]

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