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11 Possible Causes for Foul Smelling Vaginal Discharge, Hydronephrosis, Iron Deficiency Anemia

  • Diverticulitis of the Colon

    Therefore these patients will present with additional signs of fistulae, such as fecaluria and a foul smelling vaginal discharge.[]

  • Uterine Fibroid

    discharge (particularly if foul smelling or copious) This might indicate either an infection or partial passage of a portion of the fibroid and may require gynecologic evaluation[] If women exhibit symptoms, particularly anemia or hydronephrosis, patients might need to consider treatment.[] Blood test (to check for iron-deficiency anemia if heavy bleeding is caused by the tumor).[]

  • Monocytopenia with Susceptibility to Infections

    Some examples of body changes that you should be alert to can include a rise in body temperature or change in blood sugars; foul-smelling vaginal discharge; pain with urination[] THROMBOCYTOPENIA 2; THC2 Is also known as thrombocytopenia, autosomal dominant, 2 Related symptoms: Autosomal dominant inheritance Anemia Thrombocytopenia Hydronephrosis Nephrotic[] , or cloudy, bloody or foul-smelling urine; difficulty or painful swallowing; changes in bowel habits; and warmth or redness at any cut or scrape, including minor trauma locations[]

  • Polyps

    […] a foul smell caused by infection How Are Cervical Polyps Diagnosed?[] Hydronephrosis of different extents was noted in these patients, 4 complained of back pain and 2 were diagnosed with hydronephrosis by ultrasonography. 1 patient had macroscopic[] The result is iron deficiency anemia, which can make you feel tired and short of breath.[]

  • Intrauterine Device

    vaginal discharge occurs she has an unusually light period, a missed or late period, or unexplained vaginal bleeding In 2014, experts recommended advising all women of a[] KEYWORDS: Conservative management; deep endometriosis; levonorgestrel intrauterine device; long term improvement; pigtail stent; ureteral hydronephrosis[] And because they lose less blood, women using this IUD are less likely to develop iron-deficiency anemia , a condition that can cause fatigue and other symptoms.[]

  • Postpartum Period

    . • Heavy foul smelling vaginal discharge. • Chest pain or cough. • Painful or frequent urination. • Postpartum bleeding : heavy vaginal bleeding, soaking more than 1 pad[] It can present as fever, malaise, right ureteral obstruction and hydronephrosis, and right-sided abdominal pain.[] This study describes how midwives in one New Zealand area diagnose and treat anemia and iron deficiency, in the absence of established guidelines.[]

  • Syphilis in Pregnancy

    vaginal discharge Vaginal Bleeding 29 Prolapsed of cord during labor Fetal bradycardia Membranes ruptured Cord lies below the presentation part of the fetus Need to do emergency[] […] protein) Diffuses from fetal plasma, into fetal urine & excreted into amniotic fluid Open neural tube defects Esophageal obstruction Abd wall defects (omphalocele, etc) Hydronephrosis[] Low hemoglobin in pregnancy, below 11.5%, usually caused by iron-deficiency anemia. C.[]

  • Hysterectomy

    You have foul-smelling discharge from your vagina. You are sick to your stomach or cannot keep fluids down.[] During 4-month follow-up, neither patient suffered hydronephrosis, ureteral fistula or stricture.[] Women who have chronic heart or lung diseases, diabetes, or iron-deficiency anemia may not be good candidates for this operation.[]

  • Neonatal Infection

    […] amniotic fluid or vaginal discharge, or maternal leukocytosis (total blood leukocyte count 15,000 cells/mm 3 ) within 72 h of delivery ( 40 ).[] However, after the second UTI the risk of vesicoureteral reflux grade IV-V (hydronephrosis) increases markedly.[] Reducing iron-deficiency anemia among women is beneficial and should improve the iron stores of babies; moreover, there is evidence that iron status in young children predicts[]

  • Postcoital Bleeding

    Foul or bad smell of the vaginal bleeding discharge. Heavy bleeding with clots. Nausea or vomiting. Pain while having intercourse. Vaginal itching and burning sensation.[] She was diagnosed with hydronephrosis of the left kidney, which was essentially nonfunctioning.[] Anemia Heavy or prolonged bleeding can cause iron-deficiency anemia because the red blood cells in your body are depleted through blood loss.[]

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