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94 Possible Causes for Froin's Syndrome

  • Cervical Spinal Cord Tumor

    Charles Posted Tue 02nd of October, 2012 20:22:31 PM I need help coding the following Surgical Precert: ***No op report*** 1. Cervical Laminotomy C6-T1 with resection of spinal cord tumor/mass (Surgeon will be putting the bone back in with plate and screws) Thinking the following: Laminotomy - 63020 for C6, and[…][]

  • Spinal Pachymeningitis

    A patient with idiopathic hypertrophic spinal pachymeningitis (HSP) with predominant involvement of the cervical and thoracic dura is reported. Serial magnetic resonance (MR) images detected isolated thickening and ridges of the dura mater. There has been no report describing the serial changes of MR images in[…][]

  • Spinal Epidural Abscess

    Spinal epidural abscess (SEA) is a rare clinical entity associated with a high morbidity and mortality. It usually spans 3-4 levels. The literature contains very few reports of extensive or panspinal epidural abscesses and hence there is no consensus on management of such cases. We describe a case of 56 years old[…][]

  • Hematomyelia

    A 34-year-old woman with Factor XI deficiency presented with rapidly progressive quadriplegia following a 1-week prodrome of cervical pain. At operation, a spontaneous hematomyelia was evacuated from the C4-6 vertebral level. The pathophysiology of spontaneous hematomyelia is discussed.[]

  • Thoracic Spinal Cord Tumor

    BACKGROUND: We hypothesized that the addition of dexmedetomidine in a clinically relevant dose to propofol-remifentanil anesthesia regimen does not exert an adverse effect on motor-evoked potentials (MEP) and somatosensory-evoked potentials (SSEP) in adult patients undergoing thoracic spinal cord tumor[…][]

  • Lumbar Spinal Cord Tumor

    BACKGROUND: Postoperative cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leakage is a major clinical problem, and prevention of CSF leakage at the surgical site is an important issue. The goal of the study was to evaluate the efficacy of intraoperative lumbar subarachnoid drainage (LSAD) for prevention of CSF leakage after spinal cord[…][]

  • Cervical Cord Compression

    Abstract We present a Korean case of Hirayama disease with its typical neuroradiological findings of forward displacement of cervical dural sac and compression of the lower cervical cord during neck flexion. A 15-yr-old boy was presented with a one-year history of progressive weakness and atrophy affecting[…][]

  • Spinal Epidural Hematoma

    Spinal epidural hematoma is a rare condition that usually presents with acute, severe pain at the location of the hemorrhage, with radiation to the extremities. It can rapidly develop to include progressive and severe neurologic deficit. The pathophysiology often remains unclear. However, epidural hematoma in the[…][]

  • Malignant Meningeal Lymphoma

    However, Froin's syndrome has not been reported in hematological malignancies. Herein, we present two cases of lymphomatous leptomeningitis with Froin's syndrome.[] In both cases, CSF analysis showed indications of Froin's syndrome, and cytology revealed lymphoma cells.[] This is the first case report of leptomeningeal involvement in hematological malignancy associated with Froin's syndrome.[]

  • Streptococcus Agalactiae

    Piaggio Blanco RA, Ferrar Forcade A, Grille A, Pinyero Ja., Froin Syndrome in acute meningoencephalomyelitis.[] syndrome, already described in acute meningoencephalomyelitis. 27 The cardiac valves of our patient were free of vegetations.[] CSF observed in this case with marked meningeal inflammatory process should consider: i) a preanalytical error, ii) hyperacute inflammation of the meninges, or iii) the Froin's[]

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