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479 Possible Causes for frontal balding, Gonadal Atrophy, Male-Pattern Baldness

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    At presentation, her gonadal hormone profile and pelvic ultrasound were consistent with polycystic ovary syndrome.[] Elevated levels of male hormone may result in physical signs, such as excess facial and body hair (hirsutism), and occasionally severe acne and male-pattern baldness.[] Worrisome symptoms are cliteromegaly, an increase in muscle mass (typically in the shoulder girdle area), deepening of the voice, progression over one year, frontal balding[]

  • Minoxidil Topical

    Male pattern baldness is responsible for the vast majority of male hair loss. More than 95% of male hair loss is due to male-pattern baldness, a genetic trait.[] baldness or receding hairline.[] baldness or receding hairline; you have no family history of hair loss; your hair loss is sudden and/or patchy; you do not know the reason for your hair loss; you are under[]

    Missing: Gonadal Atrophy
  • Minoxidil

    A side effect, hypertrichosis, has prompted the marketing of a topical preparation, Rogaine, for the treatment of male-pattern baldness.[] Minoxidil Topical Aerosol, 5% (Foam) is not intended for frontal baldness or receding hairline.[] Male Pattern Baldness Male pattern baldness, or androgenic alopecia, is the most common cause of hair loss.[]

    Missing: Gonadal Atrophy
  • Finasteride

    METHODS: A literature search was performed to collect data on the use of finasteride in male pattern baldness.[] CASE REPORT: A 30-year-old man who had been taking finasteride 5 mg/d for 10 years to treat frontal baldness developed diffuse muscle aches associated with elevated creatine[] Keywords: 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor , administration , alopecia , androgenetic alopecia , dosage , finasteride , hair loss , male pattern baldness , pharmacodynamics , pharmacokinetics[]

    Missing: Gonadal Atrophy
  • ACTH-Independent Cushing Syndrome

    Gonadal dysfunction, reduced libido. Hypertension. Nephrolithiasis.[] pattern baldness, clitoromegaly and deepening of voice Feminization: in males-loss of libido, testicular atrophy and gynecomastia Large tumors with Cushing syndrome or Cushing[] balding (female) Pigmentation Skin infections Hypertension Osteoporosis Pathological fractures – particularly vertebrae and ribs ‘buffalo hump’ – a dorsal fat pad Kyphosis[]

  • Alopecia

    Male- and female-pattern baldness Male-pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss.[] […] and is ineffective for frontal baldness, 28 which supports our finding that vertex baldness is more closely related to atherosclerosis than frontal baldness.[] Thus, vertex baldness might be a marker of CHD and is more closely associated with atherosclerosis than frontal baldness.[]

    Missing: Gonadal Atrophy
  • Congenital Alopecia

    Choroidal atrophy and alopecia syndrome Congenital alopecia Congenital alopecia with keratin cysts Congenital anomaly of endocrine gonad Congenital generalized alopecia Congenital[] There is a way to manage typical male pattern baldness, but if you have something present since birth, that requires a visit to a hair loss specialist.[] (bitemporal scalp in men and vertex and frontal scalp in women).[]

  • Oxymetholone

    […] steroidogenesis Amennorhoea Clitoral hypertrophy Testicular atrophy Disproportionate growth of the inner prostate Masculanization of female foetus Recovery of fertility can[] Hair: Hirsutism and male-pattern baldness in women, male-pattern of hair loss in postpubertal males. Skin: Acne (especially in women and prepubertal boys).[] However, the risk of male pattern baldness does not mean one has to stop usage of the drug necessarily.[]

    Missing: frontal balding
  • Cushing Syndrome

    Gonadal dysfunction, reduced libido. Hypertension. Nephrolithiasis.[] […] and poor wound healing Acne and hirsutism (excessive hair growth in women on their faces, necks, chests, abdomens and thighs) Women may also show clitoral hypertrophy and male-pattern[] Patients with adrenal cancer may have increased production of adrenal androgens that cause excess hair growth (hirsutism), virilization (characterized by frontal balding and[]

  • Alopecia Totalis

    pattern alopecia or male pattern baldness ) .[] […] hair ( male pattern alopecia or male pattern baldness ).[] The ways to remedy these conditions are pretty much like how one would treat male pattern baldness.[]

    Missing: Gonadal Atrophy

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