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1,198 Possible Causes for Frontal Bossing

  • Acromegaly

    bossing, enlarged paranasal sinuses (especially frontal sinuses) and an enlarged sella turcica .[] Untreated acromegaly results in marked bony and soft tissue changes including an altered facial appearance (frontal bossing, prognathism), enlargement of the hands and feet[] bossing mandible: prognathism with gaping teeth skin changes hypertrichosis hyperpigmentation hyperhidrosis Approximately 95% of cases are the result of a pituitary adenoma[]

  • Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency

    bossing • Jaundice • Abdomen—Splenomegaly mild to moderate, upper right quadrant tenderness, Murphy sign positive • Extremities—Chronic leg ulcers Causes • Medical conditions[] Other physical effects of PKD can include smaller head size and the forehead appearing prominent and rounded (called frontal bossing).[] […] symptomatic during times of physiological stress, including acute illness, particularly viral, and pregnancy • Family history consistent with autosomal recessive inheritance • Frontal[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis 2

    Anteroposterior and lateral X-rays of the skull showed an calvarial thickening and depressed bridge of nose with frontal bossing with hypopneumatised mastoid ( Figure 3 ).[] […] of the sutures, widened nasal bridge, frontal bossing, capud quadratum, widely spaced teeth, coarse facies, skin thickening, claw and shortened fingers (bradydactyly) with[] Systemic examination showed a distended abdomen, and his liver was 16 cm from xiphisternum which was tender with occipito-frontal circumference of 59 cm (macrocephaly), ridging[]

  • Gigantism

    Other symptoms may include delayed puberty ; double vision or difficulty with side (peripheral) vision; prominent forehead ( frontal bossing ) and a prominent jaw; headache[] Other symptoms include: Delayed puberty Double vision or difficulty with side (peripheral) vision Very prominent forehead ( frontal bossing ) and a prominent jaw Gaps between[]

  • Gorlin Syndrome

    , are estimated to have the syndrome. multiple basal cell carcinomas, often at puberty and in adolescence craniofacial anomalies odontogenic keratocysts , often multiple frontal[] It is characterized by multiple basal cell carcinomas, palmoplantar pits, jaw cysts, and bony deformities like kyphoscoliosis and frontal bossing.[] bossing hypertelorism : 5% macrocephaly calcified falx cerebri calcified tentorium and petroclinoid ligaments cleft lip ocular defects including: coloboma of the iris microphthalmia[]

  • Thalassemia

    bossing (due to bone marrow expansion) Delayed pneumatization of sinuses Marked overgrowth of the maxillae Ribs and long bones becoming boxlike and convex Premature closure[] When facial bones are affected it can result in distinctive facial features including an abnormally prominent forehead (frontal bossing), full cheek bones (prominent malar[] bossing and hepatosplenomegaly.[]

  • CINCA Syndrome

    From the first days of life, patients display an urticarial rash in association with chronic inflammation with a typical facies featured by frontal bossing and saddle back[] Craniofacial abnormalities include macrocephaly with frontal bossing, saddle-back nose, and delayed closure of the anterior fontanel.[] He had frontal bossing, no wrinkling of palms and soles, a maculopapular skin rash, injected conjunctivae, hepatosplenomegaly, and clubbing.[]

  • Osteitis Deformans

    Bone deformity (including sabre tibia (bowing of the tibia), kyphosis, frontal bossing of the skull, an enlarged maxilla, an increase in head size).[] Skull involvement may produce enlargement of the head characterized by more evident frontal bossing and dilated superficial cranial muscles.[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis 6

    Examples include low and flat nasal bridge, frontal bossing, gingival hypertrophy, macroglossia, and hirsutism.[] Such characteristics include chubby faces, thickened lips due to the overgrowth of the gums (gingival hypertrophy), an unusually prominent forehead (frontal bossing), and[]

  • Congenital Syphilis

    Mulberry molars (permanent first molars with multiple poorly developed cusps). [6] frontal bossing .[] History / PE : Early manifestations Hepatosplenomegaly Cutaneous lesions on palms/soles Jaundice/anemia Rhinorrhea Late/untreated manifestations Frontal bossing Hutchinson[] These include: Fever Anemia Jaundice Deafness Irritability Petechiae Skin rashes Sabre shins Joint swelling Enlarged liver Frontal bossing Enlarged spleen Pseudoparalysis[]

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