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13 Possible Causes for Frothy or Foamy Urine, Hypothyroidism, Sore Throat

  • Streptococcal Infection

    Symptoms include blood in urine, frothy or foamy urine and swelling in your feet, ankles, legs, abdomen or face.[] Out of the 33 cases of UA, 19 had well-known disease like hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, tubercular arthritis, traumatic arthritis, pneumonia with arthritis, varicose vein[] throat doesn't improve after a week you often get sore throats you're worried about your sore throat you have a sore throat and a very high temperature, or you feel hot and[]

  • Nephrotic Syndrome

    Other common effects include anemia, foamy urine, frothy urine, and shortness of breath.[] […] to dysplasia of bone and immunity, associated with progressive renal disease secondary to nephrotic syndrome cortico-resistant, with possible other abnormalities such as hypothyroidism[] Any signs of infection (sore throat, high temperature (fever), etc) should be taken seriously and reported promptly to a doctor.[]

  • Proteinuria

    Keywords Urine foam; Urine froth; Chronic kidney disease; Proteinuria Introduction Foamy or frothy urine is often associated with proteinuria.[] Granular Various cell types Advanced renal disease Waxy Various cell types Advanced renal disease Fatty Lipid-laden renal tubule cells Nephrotic syndrome, renal disease, hypothyroidism[] Fever of 100.5 F (38 C), chills, sore throat (possible signs of infection if you are receiving chemotherapy).[]

  • Streptococcus

    Symptoms include blood in urine, frothy or foamy urine and swelling in your feet, ankles, legs, abdomen or face.[] Abstract We report a case of a 46-year-old Malay woman with underlying hypothyroidism post thyroidectomy who presented with worsening breathlessness, orthopnoea, productive[] In clinical settings, approximately 10% of children swabbed with a sore throat have serologically-confirmed GAS pharyngitis, but this increases to around 50-60% when the child[]

  • Nodular Glomerulosclerosis

    Case A 34-year-old Hispanic woman with an increased body mass index (BMI, 33.7 Kg/m 2 ), hypothyroidism, and kidney disease presented to the emergency room with headache,[] Immune-complex mediated (Type-III hypersensitivity) Occurs after Streptococcal pharyngitis or Hepatitis-B High ASO-titer, low C3 Glomerular hypercellularity Increase in endothelial[] […] auch: EMG-Syndrom]] F Fabry-Syndrom Fahr-Syndrom (auch Fahr'sches Syndrom) Fanconi-Prader-Syndrom Fanconi-Schlesinger-Syndrom Farber-Syndrom Feliner Gingivitis-Stomatitis-Pharyngitis-Komplex[]

  • Acute Glomerulonephritis

    Proteinuria (protein in the urine) which may present as foamy urine (frothy). Edema (swelling) most prominent in the face, hands, abdomen and feet.[] Past history included subcutaneous injection of esthetic filler material in the lower legs 20 years ago, hypothyroidism and HIV infection on highly active antiretroviral therapy[] Sore throat was the commonest infection preceeding AGN (66.6%). Hypertensive encephalopathy with seizure occurred in 5 (16.1%) patients.[]

  • Acute Nephritis

    Foamy, frothy urine D. Massive Proteinuria E. Hyperlipidemia F. Edema G. Hematuria H. Hypoalbuminemia The answers are: C, D, E, F, and H.[] Past medical history was poor in two cases and showed hypothyroidism and ischemic cerebrovascular accident in one case each.[] The risks of developing nephritis after an antibiotic-treated sore throat and after a non-antibiotic treated sore throat were assessed as being equivalent (1:13,000 and 1:[]

  • Glomerulonephritis

    The following are the common signs and symptoms of Chronic Glomerulonephritis: Excessive urination Presence of blood in urine Foamy urine: The individual can observe frothy[] Fluid overload Congestive cardiac failure Endocrine : Hypothyroidism. 6.[] The first sign of disease is often an episode of passing blood-stained urine in association with an infection such as flu or a sore throat.[]

  • Lupus Nephritis

    They may include: Weight gain High blood pressure Dark urine Foamy, frothy urine The need to urinate during the night Not all urinary or kidney problems in people with lupus[] OBJECTIVE: To report what we believe to be the first case of severe hypothyroidism with reduced drug metabolism and transport activity.[] This occurs most frequently in children and young people and seems to strike those who have recently suffered from sore throat, scarlet fever, and other infections caused[]

  • Radio-Renal Syndrome

    Diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome Diagnosing nephrotic syndrome involves a number of tests, including: urine tests – excessive protein makes the urine appear frothy and foamy[] Secondary hypothyroidism is clinically indistinguishable from primary hypothyroidism, but patients with hypothyroidism caused by hypopituitarism have low T 3 and T 4 levels[] […] adrenergic stimulation effect of hypoperfusion of the JG apparatus JG apparatus hyperplasia and inc renin secretion type of infection that causes post-strep GN group A strep: pharyngitis[]

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