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51 Possible Causes for Frothy Stool

  • Giardiasis

    , and greasy stools (stools tend to float; no blood![] Following ingestion of the cyst, individuals may experience abdominal cramps and frothy, greasy diarrhea .[] Diagnosis of giardiasis involves analyzing stool for microscopic confirmation of cysts or trophozoites , and possibly immunoassays to detect antigens.[]

  • Carcinoid Tumor

    In these patients, the stool is frothy, watery and bulky. Asthma-like syndrome or wheezing is caused by the constriction of the bronchi.[] Stools are watery, frothy, bulky, or in the form of steatorrhea. Diarrhea may or may not be associated with abdominal pain, flushing, and cramps.[]

  • Tuberculosis

    On the second, acute fever, stools more copious, thinner, frothy; urine black, an uncomfortable night, slight delirium.[] On the third, acute fever; stools black, thin, frothy, a livid sediment in the dejections; slight coma; uneasiness at the times he had to get up; sediment in the urine livid[] On the first day the alvine discharges were bilious, unmixed, frothy, high colored, and copious; urine black, having a black sediment; he was thirsty, tongue dry; no sleep[]

  • Abetalipoproteinemia

    […] abnormalities, including fatty stools that appear pale in color, frothy stools, and abnormally foul-smelling stools Treatment involves large doses of vitamin supplements[] […] abnormalities, including fatty stools that appear pale in color, frothy stools, and abnormally foul-smelling stools Treatment Treatment involves large doses of vitamin supplements[] […] abnormalities, including: Fatty stools that appear pale in color Frothy stools Abnormally foul-smelling stools Signs and tests There may be damage to the retina of the eye[]

  • Disaccharidase Deficiency

    stools and abdominal distention Acquired deficiency: Common in North American blacks Causes osmotic diarrhea Acquired deficiency of lactase also occurs in duodenal mucosa[] […] located in apical cell membrane of villous absorptive epithelial cells Congenital deficiency: Rare; malabsorption evident with milk feeding, which causes explosive, watery, frothy[]

  • Fissured Tongue

    Patient passes fatty, frothy stools, has glossitis, leukopenia and pigmentation of the skin.[]

  • Dirca Palustris

    Rectum: throbbing, stitching, sore, smarting, after stool; ineffectual straining and straining; constipation, urgent desire but passes only frothy mucus; diarrhoea; stools[] Diarrheic stools, sudden, gushing, watery, thin, yellowish fecal. Constipation, urgent desire, but passes only frothy mucus. Dry, sticky feces. Urinary Organs.[] […] tympanites; dull ache low down in pelvis, bearing down, not better by sitting or lying; rumbling in bowels; burning and uncomfortable sensation in bowels; colic, bending forward, stool[]

  • Steatorrhea

    Because fat floats in water, the stool with high percentage of fat also floats in the water. The stool is usually frothy and foul-smelling.[] Picture 1 – White Fatty Stool in Steatorrhoea Symptoms of Steatorrhea The usual symptoms which are abnormal in steatorrhea are: Foul smelled defecation Frothy-oily texture[] Steatorrhea (Floating Poop) Definition Steatorrhea occurs in stools where the fat content is unusually high.[]

  • Tropical Sprue

    In the initial phase complaints include fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, severe vomiting , dehydration , and numerous bulky, frothy, greasy, light-coloured stools.[] Fatty stool or steatorrhea where the stool can be frothy, whitish in color and foul-smelling. Cramps. Indigestion. Weight loss. Malnutrition. Fatigue.[]

  • Hymenolepiasis

    It is more specifically, a steatorrhoea which contains pale, bulky, frothy, foul smelling stools which are floating in the lavatory pan due to fat content. [5][]

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