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65 Possible Causes for Frozen Shoulder, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

  • Shoulder-Hand Syndrome

    Diagnosis and treatment The diagnosis is made on the clinical symptoms of a frozen shoulder.[] This can also be known as “thoracic outlet syndrome”. Symptoms from damage to the brachial plexus can differ depending on location of the trauma.[] Thoracic outlet syndrome . Carpal tunnel syndrome . Investigations No blood tests support or exclude the diagnosis.[]

  • Shoulder Fracture

    Frozen Shoulder Frozen shoulder is a condition of painful shoulder with limited movement because of pain and inflammation.[] Shoulder stiffness and frozen shoulder is also frequent after an undisplaced greater tuberosity fracture. This may require treatment, like a true frozen shoulder .[] Frozen Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tear Shoulder Arthroscopy Shoulder Impingement Shoulder Instability Shoulder Joint Replacement If you have additional questions about shoulder[]

  • Brachial Plexus Neuritis

    Impingement Syndrome Rotator Cuff Syndrome/Tear Cervical spine pathology Frozen shoulder Calcifying tendinitis Shoulder instability/dislocation Glenohumeral joint arthritis[] outlet syndrome Neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome Neuropathy of left brachial plexus Neuropathy of right brachial plexus Right arterial thoracic outlet syndrome Right brachial[] In the acute phase the condition may resemble an acute frozen shoulder, calcific tendonitis or arthritis.[]

  • Joint Dislocation (Shoulder, Elbow, Hip, Knee or Clavicle)

    Frozen Shoulder Frozen shoulder is the condition of painful shoulder limiting the movements because of pain and inflammation.[] There are 3 types of thoracic outlet syndrome namely neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome, arterial thoracic outlet syndrome and venous thoracic outlet syndrome.[] For more information about Thoracic Outlet Syndrome , click on below tab.[]

  • Cervical Rib Syndrome

    It may have a carpal tunnel syndrome appearance, or a frozen shoulder, or tennis arm; the signs and symptoms are very variable.[] A plain radiography showed a cervical rib fracture and an electrophysiologic study suggested the presence of left lower brachial plexus neuropathy.[] File this medical image under: Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Due to Neck Trauma (With Cervical Rib).[]

  • Glenoid Labrum Tear

    (Scapula) Frozen Shoulder Golfer’s Elbow Lateral Epicondylitis Osteoarthritis of the Elbow Osteochondritis Dissecans Radial Head Fractures of the Elbow Recurrent and Chronic[] Outlet Syndrome Ulnar Nerve Entrapment at the Elbow (Cubital TunnelSyndrome) Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) Injury[] Elbow Dislocation Elbow Injuries in the Throwing Athlete Elbow (Olecranon) Bursitis Elbow Fractures in Children Forearm Fractures in Children Fracture of the Shoulder Blade[]

  • Shoulder Sprain

    A popping or clicking noise when moving the shoulder. Frozen Shoulder The signs and symptoms of a frozen shoulder include: Stiffness in the joint. Tightness.[] outlet syndrome or compression of the subclavian artery by the scalene muscles See Test Allen's Test Steps Patient is sitting or standing with shoulder in 90 of abduction[] […] bursitis; and even most cases of frozen shoulder and bicipital tendinitis.[]

  • Callus Formation of the Clavicle

    Physiotherapy Physiotherapy for simple fractures is rarely required as the arm is not immobilised long enough for complications such as a frozen shoulder to develop.[] Clinical Image First Online: 22 October 2009 554 Downloads 1 Citations Keywords Callus Formation Pubic Symphysis Ossification Centre Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Birth Trauma[] If the shoulder joint gets stiff, it is a condition known as a frozen shoulder.[]

  • Hyperabduction Syndrome

    Phys Ther. 2001 ) - Coracoid Pain Test, for frozen shoulder - pain elicited by pressure on the coracoid ( Carbone.[] Outlet Syndrome [Disease/Finding] , outlet syndromes thoracic , thoracic outlet syndromes , outlet syndrome thoracic , TOS , Thoracic Outlet Syndrome , Thoracic outlet syndrome[] shoulder and carpal tunnel syndrome that frequently defy standard treatment protocols [ citation needed ].[]

  • Frozen Shoulder

    Causes of frozen shoulder It's often not clear why people get a frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder happens when the tissue around your shoulder joint becomes inflamed.[] Technically, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) and scoliosis, and my son was diagnosed with a pulled trapezius muscle.[] Both frozen shoulder and the related shoulder-hand syndrome may occur in this setting.[]

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