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712 Possible Causes for Fungal Meningitis

  • Viral Meningitis

    People with HIV or cancer are at higher risk of fungal meningitis.[] Fungal Meningitis Fungal meningitis is not contagious. It is not transmitted from person to person.[] Those with proven bacterial or fungal meningitis were excluded.[]

  • Meningitis

    All the major fungal pathogens can produce meningitis.[] Prospective study of nosocomial fungal meningitis in children: report of 10 cases.[] In this review, we examine the epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, and treatment for fungal meningitis in all the major fungal groups.[]

  • Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

    […] through which food travels) Cryptococcus meningitis (fungal infection of the brain lining) that presents with headache, vomiting, and neck stiffness Progressive multifocal[] At admission, most of the 45 patients with cryptococcal meningitis who died, presented more altered consciousness (P 0.0047), intracranial increased pressure (P 0.047), and[] -- fungal infection of the lining of the brain Cryptosporidium diarrhea -- Extreme diarrhea caused by a parasite that affects the gastrointestinal tract Progressive multifocal[]

  • Histoplasma Meningitis

    Symptoms are generally the same as meningitis from other causes and in all cases, treatment is with anti fungal drugs.[] Fungal meningitis refers to meningitis caused by a fungal infection.[] Term Most fungal meningitis cases are chronic/subacute and have a lymphocyte predominance. However, name 4 fungal species that cause neutrophilic meningitis.[]

  • Meningeal Tuberculosis

    […] leptomeningeal carcinomatosis disseminated oligodendroglial-like leptomeningeal tumor of childhood fungal meningitis neurosarcoidosis[] In patients who present with the classic subacute meningitis syndrome, other diseases to consider will include fungal meningitis (cryptococcal meningitis, histoplasmosis and[] […] infections Tuberculous Meningitis Differential Diagnosis A number of health conditions give rise to signs and symptoms similar to that of TBM.[]

  • Chemical Meningitis

    The signs and symptoms of chemical meningitis mimic other meningitides such as fungal meningitis and viral meningitis.[] […] in fungal infectious meningitis.[] Among the fungal organisms, common fungi causing meningitis are Candida and Cryptococcus. However fungal meningitis usually does not occur in persons with good immunity.[]

  • Arachnoiditis

    Infection-induced Arachnoiditis can also be caused by certain infections that affect the spine such as viral and fungal meningitis or tuberculosis.[] Infection from bacteria or viruses: Infections such as viral and fungal meningitis or tuberculosis can affect the spine.[]

  • Fungal Meningitis

    Fungal meningitis refers to meningitis caused by a fungal infection.[] Fungal meningitis refers to meningitis caused due to a fungal infection. The clinical features of fungal meningitis similar to any other cause of meningitis.[] All the major fungal pathogens can produce meningitis.[]

  • Cryptococcal Meningitis

    Cryptococcal meningitis (CM) is the most common type of fungal meningitis. The clinical symptoms of CM are nonspecific, and neuroimaging characteristics are variable.[] Cryptococcus neoformans is the most frequent cause of fungal meningitis in humans. Cryptococcus affects people of all ages and has a worldwide distribution.[] BACKGROUND: Cryptococcus neoformans is a very important cause of fungal meningitis in immunosuppressed patients OBJECTIVE: To describe a case of cryptococcal meningoencephalitis[]

  • Disseminated Sporotrichosis

    Ferri’s popular "5 books in 1" format provides quick guidance on short QT syndrome, microscopic polyangiitis, fungal meningitis, and much more.[] According to Salaki et al. ( 209 ), there has been a marked increase in the number of reported cases of meningitis and brain abscess due to fungi and yeasts.[] This increase is due in part to better diagnostic techniques and greater awareness of the possibility of fungal invasion of the nervous system, but the increase can also be[]

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