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21 Possible Causes for Fusiform Finger Swelling

  • Winchester Syndrome

    finger swelling Interphalangeal joint erosions Osteoporosis Pes planus Show images Tarsal osteolysis Thin metacarpal cortices Thin metatarsal cortices Skin Hyperpigmented[] The distal arthropathy was a crippling and painful arthritis with deformity with fusiform swelling of the fingers and a generalized osteopenia.[] […] metacarpal shaft Metabolic Abnormality Elevated IL1-beta Elevated IL6 Elevated antinuclear antibody (ANA) (speckled pattern) Performance Abnormal gait Skeletal Carpal osteolysis Fusiform[]

  • Tenosynovitis of Fingers

    […] held in flexion Fusiform swelling (sausage finger) Pain with passive extension * this is the earliest finding It is usually caused by some sort of inoculation , but this[] 3 Fusiform swelling of the finger 4 Pain on passive extension of the finger 5 Pain on passive flexion of the finger ML 1 Select Answer to see Preferred Response PREFERRED[] Kanavel signs: fixed flexion with fusiform swelling. Mr.[]

  • Tenosynovitis

    3 Fusiform swelling of the finger 4 Pain on passive extension of the finger 5 Pain on passive flexion of the finger ML 1 Select Answer to see Preferred Response PREFERRED[] In case of Infectious Flexor Tenosynovitis, patient has the Kanavel's signs which are: There is fusiform swelling of the finger (sausage finger).[] […] following are considered the cardinal signs of flexor tenosynovitis EXCEPT: Review Topic QID: 242 1 Tenderness along the flexor tendon sheath 2 Flexed resting posture of the finger[]

  • Dactylitis

    […] and toes causing spindle-like (fusiform) swelling.[] Bone and soft tissue involvement of the fingers classically presents as bilateral , fusiform or sausage-shaped swellings.[] Roy AK, Khanduri S, Girisha KM (2006) Fusiform swellings of fingers in a 3-year-old girl. J Postgrad Med 52(4):314–324 PubMed Google Scholar 38.[]

  • Hypervitaminosis D

    There was fusiform swelling of the first two fingers of the right hand, and the right knee was swollen. Anemia, proteinuria, azotemia, and impaired renal function. . .[]

  • Congenital Autosomal Dominant Indifference to Pain

    . - Shortening of index finger of left hand with fusiform swelling at its end. - Peeled erythematous skin of the fingers & toes. - Impaired sensation on the extremities. -[]

  • Palmar Abscess

    Pain over the flexor tendon sheath with passive extension of the finger Figure This patient’s fourth digit exhibits erythema, fusiform swelling, and mild flexion compared[] Fusiform (sausage-shaped, or tapering) swelling. Tenderness to palpation over the flexor tendon sheath.[]

  • Tuberculous Gumma

    The swellings were fusiform, fluctuant, non-tender, varying from 1 cm. to 3 cms in length.[] Cutaneous examination revealed multiple swellings distributed over dorsum of left hand and middle phalanx of left index finger and base of left little finger.[] The swellings were associated with pain.[]

  • Trigger Finger

    Trigger finger, locked position A digit with a focal fusiform swelling—due to oedema and/or inflammation—of the flexor tendon or tendon sheath which causes a painful lock-snap[] Rheumatology A digit in which the flexor tendon passes through a fibro-osseous tunnel, in which there is a fusiform swelling–congenital, edema or tenosynovitis of the tendon[] Also called jerk finger .[]

  • Early-Onset Sarcoidosis

    Fusiform swelling of the finger joints and skeletal abnormalities are more common in this age group.[]

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