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1,054 Possible Causes for Gagging, Seizure

  • Asphyxia

    Hanging(Suspension) Ligature Strangulation Manual Strangulation Smothering Gagging Choking Drowning Asphyxia Images Scroll[] […] neonatal seizures seizure prediction Accepted January 19, 2006.[] Choking: blockage of internal airways Accidental : large food bolus in airway, usually intoxicated adults, elderly with neurodegenerative disorders, young children Homicidal : gag[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis

    We speculate that the defect in GAG catabolism leads not only to the storage of GAGs but also to alterations of the myocardial extracellular matrix.[] However, a clear association between EEG, CNS and the history of seizures was not established.[] This patient prompts further investigation into the relationship between neuroblastoma and elevated GAG levels.[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis 2

    Urine glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) assay, PCR and DNA sequencing were performed to detect mutation of IDS gene of the patient and his parents.[] In addition, both had features not commonly seen in this disorder, e.g. early onset of seizures in one patient and ptosis in the other.[] After administration, it can be transported into cells in order to break down GAGs.[]

  • Cholinergic Crisis

    (テスト) finger-nose test指鼻試験(テスト) flexion contracture屈曲[位]拘縮 flexion reflex屈曲反射 focal epilepsy焦点性てんかん、ジャクソンてんかん foot clonus足クロ[ー]ヌス、足間代 Friedreich's ataxiaフリートライヒ[運動]失調症 g gag[] Other symptoms include a slow heartbeat, difficulty breathing, muscle weakness or paralysis, and seizure or coma.[] . 6 For a patient experiencing seizures, benzodiazepines such as diazepam or midazolam are recommended for controlling seizures and status epilepticus. 5 Pyridostigmine bromide[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis 7

    The 36-week results showed a greater change in urinary GAG excretion at the higher 4 mg/kg dose of rhGUS, with a mean urinary GAG reduction of approximately 60%.[] Tonic–clonic seizures are the most common type of seizure in Hunter syndrome, but absent and myoclonic seizures have also been reported. 15 It is possible that absence seizures[] GAGs were originally called mucopolysaccharides, which is where this condition gets its name.[]

  • Nitrogen Tetroxide Exposure

    BACKGROUND: Reactive airways dysfunction syndrome (RADS) is characterized by persistent bronchial hyperreactivity and asthmatic symptoms in a previously healthy individual after a single intense exposure to an irritant fume, vapor, or gas. On October 23, 1995, a cloud of dinitrogen tetroxide (N2O4) escaped from a[…][]

  • Alcohol Abuse

    There is a gag reflex that should automatically prevent this, but it can malfunction when the nervous system is depressed.[] […] the effect you want Found that you had withdrawal symptoms when the buzz wore off, like trouble sleeping , shakiness, restlessness, nausea , sweating , a racing heart , a seizure[] In severe cases, you could have a fever, seizures, or hallucinations. If you have any of these symptoms, your drinking may already be a cause for concern.[]

  • Pseudobulbar Palsy

    Pseudobulbar palsy - comment on: gag reflex tongue jaw jerk speech emotions Gag reflex - increased or normal Tongue - spastic.[] Two children are described who suddenly developed an encephalitic illness with intractable bilateral facial seizures.[] Tests examining jaw jerk and gag reflex can also be performed.[]

  • Pneumonia

    This may happen if something disturbs your normal gag reflex, such as a brain injury, swallowing problem, or excessive use of alcohol or drugs.[] ., during a seizure or while intoxicated) could vomit and then inhale stomach contents and bacteria into the lungs and develop pneumonia.[] Aspiration is more likely if something disturbs your normal gag reflex, such as a brain injury or swallowing problem, or excessive use of alcohol or drugs.[]

  • Pineal Gland Cyst

    (she gags taking medication) She has a history of pineal cyst, (9x11x10mm stable for 2 years next MRI in Oct) precocious puberty on her 3rd Supprellin La Implant.[] We report a new complication of intracystic hemorrhage in a large pineal gland cyst in a 40-year-old man with new onset seizures.[] […] pain, numbness on side of face, brain fog, blurred vision, worsening eyesight, eye floaters, insomnia, tingling and buzzing in head and body, mixing up words, grand mal seizures[]

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