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155 Possible Causes for Gangrene of the Lower Extremity

  • Phlegmasia Cerulea Dolens

    Abstract Phlegmasia cerulea dolens (PCD) is a medical emergency that can lead to venous gangrene of the lower extremity.[] Abstract This is a study of the venous gangrene of lower extremities and Staphylococcus aureus sepsis.[] We report on a premature infant who developed phlegmasia cerulea dolens (PCD) in both lower extremities in association with S. aureus sepsis, resulting in gangrene of the[]

  • Diabetic Gangrene

    Register Atherosclerotic Gangrene of the Lower Extremities in Diabetic and Nondiabetic Persons - 24 Hours access EUR 36.00 GBP 28.00 USD 45.00 Rental This article is also[] Intrauterine gangrene of the lower extremity in the newborn: A report of two cases. J Pediatr Orthop 2007;27:499-503. 6. Rajoo RD, Mennen U.[] Congenital constriction band associated with pseudarthrosis and impending gangrene. A case report. S Afr J Surg 1991;29:27-9. 7. Hensinger RN. Gangrene of the newborn.[]

  • Insect Bite

    extremity, gangrene of the digits requiring amputation, hearing loss, bowel/bladder incontinence, movement disorders and speech disorders. 32 What You Should Know About Mosquito[] […] for three days after the resolution of fever and when there is significant clinical improvement. 31 Possible sequelae of this infection include partial paralysis of the lower[]

  • Lower Extremity Arteriosclerosis

    So, offers the recipe, which returned the health of hundreds of patients with gangrene of lower extremities.[] Ulcers of the feet and legs Black discoloration of the toes or skin (gangrene) Claudication is the most common symptom of lower extremity arterial occlusive disease.[] Ulcers of the feet and legs Black discoloration of the toes or skin (gangrene) Pain in the calves or thighs while walking is the most common symptom of lower extremity occlusive[]

  • Ischemic Ulcer

    Critical ischaemia evd The term critical ischaemia is used to denote the worsening of chronic ischaemia leading to the threat of gangrene in the lower extremity.[] She has had many hyperbaric oxygen treatments in an effort to heal the lower extremity ischemic ulcers.[] Symptoms include rest pain and/or gangrene or an incurable ulcer in the foot area. Should be suspected if a leg ulcer shows no signs of improvement in two weeks.[]

  • Gas Gangrene

    We report a case of nontraumatic gas gangrene involving both the lower extremities simultaneously.[] We present the only reported case of an immunocompetent pediatric patient in the literature to have fulminate gas gangrene of the lower extremity and concomitant gastrointestinal[] These findings showed that gas-forming soft tissue infections of the lower extremity, commonly diagnosed as gas gangrene, are rarely caused by Clostridium species.[]

  • Accidental Hypothermia

    […] dry gangrene.[] Although the patient ultimately accepted oral antibiotic therapy, the condition of her lower extremities continued to worsen, and she eventually developed frank necrosis and[]

  • Thromboangiitis Obliterans

    Abstract Gangrene of the lower extremities in cases of diabetes is due primarily to impairment of circulation and secondarily to the effects of the diabetes on the resistance[] At that time, lower extremity angiography showed that the flow of the right distal portion of the popliteal artery and the proximal portion of the tibiofibular artery were[] […] and upper extremities.[]

  • Non-Cranial Giant Cell Arteritis

    […] doi: 10.1097/WNO.0000000000000529 Original Contribution Abstract Author Information Authors Article Outline Outline Article Metrics Metrics Giant cell arteritis (GCA) is a systemic vasculitis of medium and large arteries often with ophthalmic involvement, including ischemic optic neuropathy, retinal artery occlusion, and[…][]

  • Diabetes Mellitus

    Gangrenous necrosis and ulceration, lower extremity, gross. Mucormycosis This is a feared complication of diabetes mellitus.[] extremity vascular insufficiency and diabetic neuropathy.[] That in large vessels is usually seen in the coronary arteries, cerebral arteries, and arteries of the lower extremities and can eventually lead to myocardial infarction,[]

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