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460 Possible Causes for Gastric Hernia, Vomiting

  • Gastric Volvulus

    The authors report the case of a 75 year-old woman admitted to the emergency room with abdominal pain and coffee ground vomiting.[] Clinical examination and chest x-ray was suggestive of hiatus hernia. Contrast-enhanced CT of thorax and abdomen revealed hiatus hernia and gastric volvulus.[] The vomiting was projectile, nonbilious, and the content was milk.[]

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

    MSA is associated with less gas/bloat symptoms and increased ability to vomit and belch. Copyright 2018 IJS Publishing Group Ltd. Published by Elsevier Ltd.[] Second will be placement with complicated anatomy due to alterations from prior gastric surgery and a hiatal hernia.[] Abstract We report an unusual presentation of gastroesophageal reflux disease in a 14-yr-old boy with cervical dysphagia and vomiting immediately after swallowing.[]

  • Esophagitis

    […] large amounts, often have forceful vomiting, have trouble breathing after vomiting or have vomit that is yellow or green, looks like coffee grounds, or contains blood Causes[] It is also indicated for symptomatic relief in oesophagitis, hiatus hernia, gastritis and iatrogenic gastritis.[] Symptoms of esophagitis include: Difficult and/or painful swallowing Heartburn A feeling of something of being stuck in the throat Chest pain Nausea Vomiting If you have any[]

  • Mallory-Weiss Syndrome

    Most people with Mallory-Weiss syndrome will bring up (vomit) an amount of bright red blood. This will often happen after a bout of normal retching or vomiting.[] […] into chest.  TYPESTYPES  1.Sliding hernia(oesophageo gastric1.Sliding hernia(oesophageo gastric hernia) – 80%hernia) – 80%  2.Rolling or paraoesophageal hernia2.Rolling[] Presentation History The classic presentation is of haematemesis following a bout of retching or vomiting. However, a tear may occur after a single vomit.[]

  • Bochdalek Hernia

    She was referred to our hospital because of nausea and vomiting after eating. Thoracic and abdominal CT showed gastric volvulus and a large Bochdalek hernia.[] Patients with acute gastric volvulus on diaphragmatic hernia are a diagnostic and therapeutic emergency.[] […] gastric volvulus on diaphragmatic hernia are a diagnostic and therapeutic emergency.Here, we report a case of a 56-year-old woman diagnosed with epigastric pain, cough, vomiting[]

  • Gastric Ulcer

    It is rare to see severe hyponatraemia caused by gastric ulcer bleeding and vomiting. Hypokalaemia may be the determinant predisposing factor.[] Such a fistula is usually associated with a huge ulcer in the gastric fundus, an ulcer within a hiatus hernia, a history of esophagogastric surgery, the concurrent use of[] For example, the irritation of the ulcer may cause vomiting, sometimes with blood in the vomit. Vomited blood may be dark red, but may also be black.[]

  • Duodenal Ulcer

    Abstract Typical symptoms of duodenal ulcers include epigastric pain, nausea, vomiting, chest pain and shortness of breath.[] Differential diagnosis[edit] The differential diagnosis of gastric outlet obstruction may include: early gastric carcinoma hiatal hernia, gastroesophageal reflux, adrenal[] A 78-year-old male presented with the chief complaints of abdominal pain and vomiting.[]

  • Intestinal Obstruction

    She developed persistent non-bilious vomiting that was associated with constipation soon after birth.[] […] bypass patients, consider: Internal hernia: sudden onset of abdominal pain, vomiting, abdominal distention, and “whirl” sign on CT Epidemiology Predominant sex: male female[] When it is met it present with abdominal pain, vomiting and other symptoms compatible with intestinal obstruction varying on the segments being involved.[]

  • Volvulus

    All patients visited the emergency department due to vomiting: bilious in 3, and of gastric contents in the other 2.[] Organo-axial gastric volvulus Diaphragmatic hernia 59. Mesentero-axial gastric volvulus 60. Mesentero-axial gastric volvulus 61. Mesentero-axial gastric volvulus 62.[] When a neonate develops bilious vomiting, one should suspect a surgical condition.[]

  • Gastritis Medicamentosa

    Heartburn for days after heavy drinking diarrhea and heartburn the day after I got really sick with violent vomiting and diarrhea for several days until it stopped.[] GERD; Hiatal Hernias Gastric Bypass; Sleeve Gastrectomy; Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding (LAGB) Sliding hiatal hernias PHARMACY PRIOR AUTHORIZATION Clinical Guideline[] In the hernia Submission Guidelines; Case report.[]

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