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106 Possible Causes for Gastritis, Lower Abdominal Pain, Suprapubic Pain

  • Appendicitis

    A 25-year-old woman, at 17 weeks of gestation presented to our emergency center with acute right lower abdominal pain for more than 10 h.[] Symptoms of appendicitis are frequently vague or extremely similar to other ailments, including gallbladder problems , bladder or urinary tract infection , Crohn's disease , gastritis[] A 33-year-old male presents with a 4-day history of right lower abdominal pain, nausea and subjective fever.[]

  • Ulcerative Colitis

    Within two months, she was re-admitted to our hospital, presenting with hematochezia and lower abdominal pain. She was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.[] UC yypically affects the large bowel but in the last few years more cases with proximal involvement have been described (diffuse gastritis, focally enhanced gastritis and[] ., a 57-year-old male complained of 8 days of bloody diarrhea and lower abdominal pain.[]

  • Ovarian Cyst Torsion

    The presentation of ovarian torsion classically includes acute onset lower abdominal pain and a palpable adnexal mass; nausea and vomiting occur in 70 % of patients [ 3 ].[] 1144 Pediatric Emergencies 1149 StevensJohnson Syndrome 1150 Streptococcal Disease 1156 Tuberculosis 1158 Tympanic Membrane Perforation 1164 Suicide Risk Evaluation 1166 Gastritis[] Experiencing intermittent severe and sharp lower abdominal pain? Feeling nauseous and faint with episodes of vomiting?[]

  • Infectious Colitis

    Infectious colitis is inflammation of the main part of the large intestine (colon) and can lead to sudden lower abdominal pain. In some cases, the pain can be severe.[] And food poisoning frequently incites other digestive problems as well, particularly gastritis , enteritis and proctitis .[] Effect of Cisapride on functional dyspepsia in patients with and without histological gastritis: a double-blind placebo-controlled trial. J. Gastroenterol.[]

  • Threatened Abortion

    Pain is colicky felt in the suprapubic region radiating to the back. The internal os of the cervix is dilated and products of conception may be felt through it.[] Recurrence was documented on the basis of either lower abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding.[] Specific Code Applicable To Hemorrhage NOS Type 1 Excludes hemorrhage included with underlying conditions, such as: acute duodenal ulcer with hemorrhage ( K26.0 ) acute gastritis[]

  • Strongyloides Stercoralis

    Macrohematuria and severe suprapubic pain occurred after the second cyclophosphamide application on day 2 before transplantation.[] A 29 year old female HIV-positive patient presented in emergency with acute right lower quadrant abdominal pain, fever, tenderness and positive Blumberg sign.[] Cite this article: Pereira MJ, Raposo J, Romão Z, Sofia C (2014) Gastritis by Strongyloides Stercoralis. JSM Clin Case Rep 2(2): 1021.[]

  • Pseudomembranous Colitis

    The patient was twice admitted to our hospital for the management of frequent bloody, mucoid, jelly-like diarrhea and lower abdominal pain that developed after antituberculosis[] H.pylori (H.p.) infection of the gastric mucosa is causally related to chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, MALT-lymphoma and gastric cancer.[] Though antibiotics improved his condition, the patient had hematochezia, diarrhea, and left lower abdominal pain.[]

  • Cecal Volvulus

    Case report A 52-year-old man presented to the Kings County Hospital emergency department because of a 3-day history of abdominal distension, suprapubic abdominal pain, nausea[] Cecal volvulus should be considered in relatively young women who present with atypical right lower abdominal pain.[] We report a 23 year old woman at 24 weeks of gestation with known bulimia and gastritis who was admitted to the hospital with acute abdominal pain.[]

  • Pelvic Actinomycosis

    Three women with intrauterine devices (IUD) each presented with lower abdominal pain and pelvic mass, and elevated white blood cell count and C-reactive protein.[] Laboratory investigations demonstrated anaemia (Hb: 7.9 g/dL), raised CRP at 133 mg/l and leucocytosis (WCC 14.3 10 3 /μl).Gastro-duodenoscopy revealed mild chronic gastritis[] The patient presented with lower abdominal pain to the gynecology clinic and was found to have a pelvic tumor. She had no history of intrauterine device use.[]

  • Chronic Pelvic Cellulitis

    Patients experience suprapubic, cramping pain that may radiate to the anterior thigh or sacral region.[] Patients often complain of lower abdominal pain, pelvic pain , back pain , fever, and abnormal vaginal discharge .[] […] with bleeding K2921Alcoholic gastritis with bleeding K2931Chronic superficial gastritis with bleeding K2941Chronic atrophic gastritis with bleeding K2951Unspecified chronic[]

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