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608 Possible Causes for Gastritis, Splenomegaly

  • Pernicious Anemia

    Some people with Pernicious Anemia may have an abnormally enlarged liver (hepatomegaly) or spleen (splenomegaly).[] Although chronic atrophic gastritis is the most common form of gastrointestinal involvement in SS, pernicious anemia develops in rare cases.[] Hepatomegaly and splenomegaly may be present.[]

  • Chronic Eosinophilic Leukemia

    We present a 24-year-old-male with left lower quadrant abdominal pain, elevated eosinophil counts and splenomegaly.[] […] and nodules, and pruritus. 5) Gastrointestinal symptoms ( 30% of patients) are associated with mucosal ulcerations, bleeding, perforation, cholecystitis, and eosinophilic gastritis[] The only clues for the diagnosis of leukemia were splenomegaly and high serum vitamin B12, most of which was bound to transcobalamin I.[]

  • Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage

    This is often due to pre-existing liver disease and splenomegaly.[] Gastric ulcer, erythematous gastritis, duodenal ulcer, erosive gastritis, and hemorrhagic gastritis were found in 52.3%, 33.3%, 28.6%, 28.6%, and 14.3% of 42 patients with[] Other signs to look for are ascites and erythema (chronic liver disease) and splenomegaly and dilated abdominal wall veins (portal hypertension).[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Approximately half of EBV mononucleosis cases involve generalized adenopathy or splenomegaly. An enlarged liver may also be palpable.[] […] cruris -- Tinea versicolor -- Warts -- Superficial wound care -- GI/GU conditions -- Introduction -- Bowel preps -- Constipation -- Diarrhea -- Dyspepsia -- Flatulence -- Gastritis[]

  • Drug-induced Fever

    Other systemic features that can occur are fever, hepatomegaly, skin eruptions such as a rash or erythema, photosensitivity, splenomegaly, pericarditis, and the presence of[] […] underdosing of drugs, medicaments and biological substances Code First , for adverse effects, the nature of the adverse effect, such as: adverse effect NOS ( T88.7 ) aspirin gastritis[]

  • Presinusoidal Portal Hypertension

    Physical examination was unremarkable except for splenomegaly and skin lesions.[] This expanded and improved text covers a wide range of gastroenterology topics such as the common gastritis, GERD and infectious diseases, benign and malignant lesions of[] Abstract In 1894 Banti (1) reported a disease characterized by splenomegaly and "cirrhosis" of the liver.[]

  • Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome Type 3

    […] of red blood cells hemolytic anemia), Decreased platelets in the blood ( thrombocytopenia ), Enlargement of lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy), and Enlargement of the spleen (splenomegaly[] Autoimmunity has been reported to potentially affect almost any organ, leading to uveitis, pulmonary fibrosis, gastritis, colitis, nephritis, urticaria, arthritis, or rarely[] The laboratory finding of increased alpha beta TCR DNT cells is consistent with ALPS only with the appropriate clinical picture (nonmalignant lymphadenopathy, splenomegaly[]

  • Splenic Vein Thrombosis

    Seven of 9 patients (78 %) with massive splenomegaly ( 20 cm) developed PSVT compared with 4 of 13 patients (31 %) with moderate splenomegaly (15-20 cm) and 6 of 45 patients[] He was presumed to have gastritis at each visit and prescribed escalating doses of proton pump inhibitors.[] He was admitted in the gastrointestinal ward 20 days ago for upper GI bleeding management, in upper endoscopy there was severe gastritis with positive H. pylori test and no[]

  • Appendicitis

    Lymphoma also has other characteristics including homogeneous T2 signal intensity, substantial lymph nodes enlargement, and splenomegaly[ 73 ].[] Symptoms of appendicitis are frequently vague or extremely similar to other ailments, including gallbladder problems , bladder or urinary tract infection , Crohn's disease , gastritis[] Other diseases that can be confused with appendicitis include colitis, Crohn's disease, gastritis, gastroenteritis, tubal pregnancy, and ovary problems.[]

  • Atrophic Gastritis

    Abstract Chronic atrophic gastritis and a sessile polyp were diagnosed during gastroscopy of a patient with splenomegaly and portal hypertension.[] Both forms of atrophic gastritis end in gastric atrophy. Symptoms of atrophic gastritis are, however, similar to those of chronic gastritis.[] Atrophic gastritis (also known as type A or type B gastritis) is a process of chronic inflammation of the stomach mucous membrane (mucosa), leading to loss of gastric glandular[]

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