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1,087 Possible Causes for Genetic Heterogeneity, Urinary Incontinence

  • Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia

    urinary incontinence HSP more frequently reported urinary incontinence ( χ 2 (1)   5.427, p Oral health 67 % rated their oral health as good or very good, while 13 % rated[] HSP is a clinically and genetically heterogeneous neurodegenerative disorder characterized by degeneration of the corticospinal tract motor neurons and resulting in progressive[] The clinical variability observed in HSP is supported by the large underlying genetic heterogeneity.[]

  • Alzheimer Disease

    Sensory problems (hearing and vision) and urinary incontinence were associated with increased mortality only among patients with less severe dementia.[] Jean-Charles Lambert and Philippe Amouyel, Genetic heterogeneity of Alzheimer's disease: Complexity and advances, Psychoneuroendocrinology, 32, (S62), (2007).[] By contrast, sensory problems and urinary incontinence were associated with mortality if baseline cognitive impairment was only moderate.[]

  • Autonomic Neuropathy

    OBJECTIVE: This study evaluated associations among cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy (CAN), female sexual dysfunction (FSD), and urinary incontinence (UI) in women with[] Abstract Hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathies (HSAN) are a group of clinically and genetically heterogeneous disorders that are associated with sensory dysfunction[] None had urinary incontinence. Complete recovery from the micturition disturbance took from three months to 18 years.[]

  • Epilepsy

    At 14 years old, she experienced an aggravated seizure, manifesting as unconsciousness, hyperventilation, and urinary incontinence.[] Progressive myoclonic epilepsies (PME) are a clinically and genetically heterogeneous group of rare diseases characterized by myoclonic seizures, tonic-clonic seizures, and[] The tongue may be bitten during involuntary contraction of the jaw muscles, and urinary incontinence may occur.[]

  • Anxiety Disorder

    During the psychiatric interview, only one organic sign was reported: a recent urinary incontinence.[] Heterogeneity of the possible co-morbidities between neurometabolic disorders and psychiatric symptoms could explain, in a sense, the weakness of available data.[] It seems legitimate to imagine that a genetic or chronic disease can express in diverse manners during an acute episode after particular food exposure or drug intoxication[]

  • Spinal Stenosis

    We report a case of a skeletally immature achondroplastic adolescent with significant thoracolumbar lordosis who presented with neurogenic claudication and urinary incontinence[] This combination has never been reported in the literature and suggests further genetic heterogeneity within brachyolmia.[] incontinence.[]

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse

    CONCLUSION: A history of cervical insufficiency is associated with an increased risk of development of pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence.[] For a general description and a discussion of genetic heterogeneity of Hirschsprung disease (HSCR), see MIM 142623.[] Questionnaire- Urinary Incontinence Short Form (ICIQ-UI SF) before undergoing surgery and 3 months postoperatively.[]

  • Vasovagal Syncope

    Also, in patients with seizures, associated signs may include: urinary incontinence, tongue biting, eye deviation, and sometimes fecal incontinence.[] […] profiles for VVS have been described, 11, 12 this is compounded by the lack of clarity for diagnostic sub types and heterogeneity of reflex syncopal syndromes.[] Was there urinary incontinence during the event? Did you feel symptoms after you regained consciousness? Fatigue, nausea palpitations, pain, sweating, confusion?[]

  • Paraplegia

    A 57-year-old male 8 days after uneventful OPCAP presented with severe lower extremity pain and sudden fecal and urinary incontinence, followed by the absence of pulsations[] Family history of HSP Since it is genetically heterogeneous family history may play an important role.[] incontinence.[]

  • Familial Paget Disease of Bone

    Speer, Heterogeneity in Paget disease of the bone, American Journal of Medical Genetics, 92, 5, (303-307), (2000). Arty R. Coppes-Zantinga and Max J.[] Nature genetics, 2004, 36, 4, p. 377-381 Clinical and genetic heterogeneity in chromosome 9p associated hereditary inclusion body myopathy : exclusion of GNE and three other[] This has not been demonstrated in most families with Paget disease, however, which suggests genetic heterogeneity.[]

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