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64 Possible Causes for Genital Herpes, Testicular Swelling

  • Syphilis

    Other modules will focus on treatments for Chlamydia trachomatis (chlamydia), Neisseria gonorrhoeae (gonorrhoea) and genital herpes simplex virus (genital HSV).[] Correct and consistent use of latex condoms can reduce the risk of syphilis, as well as genital herpes and chancroid, only when the infected area or site of potential exposure[] Differential diagnosis of clinical symptoms of syphilis Ulcers Genital ulcers : genital herpes , trauma, cancer ; and less commonly, tuberculosis , chancroid Anal ulcers :[]

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease

    Men with testicular swelling or discomfort should have STI excluded. The most common cause of these symptoms in men aged under 40 is C. trachomatis .[] Who Gets Genital Herpes?[] In men, it can cause testicular pain and swelling.[]

  • Testicular Neoplasm

    American Academy of Family Physicians Clinical Preventive Services Recommendation: The AAFP recommends against routine serological screening for genital herpes simplex virus[] Testicular masses should be examined with scrotal ultrasonography.[] masses.[]

  • Cervicitis

    Genital herpes simplex infection (HSV) was suspected and valacyclovir was given orally.[] Diagnostic Considerations Men who have acute epididymitis typically have unilateral testicular pain and tenderness; hydrocele and palpable swelling of the epididymis usually[] You will need to take the medication for up to 10 days the first time you develop genital herpes.[]

  • Mumps Orchitis

    In particular, testicular swelling can lead to a rise in intratesticular pressure followed by testicular atrophy.[] It also included a self-reported history of urinary tract infections, inflammation in the groyne area and sexually transmitted infections (chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhoea[] swelling, in 10–30% bilateral.[]

  • Penile Chancroid

    Men with testicular swelling or discomfort should have STI excluded. The most common cause of these symptoms in men aged under 40 is C. trachomatis .[] Causes: Sexually Transmitted Disease Genital Ulcers Painful Genital Herpes ( Herpes Genitalis ) Grouped vessicles or small ulcers, serous discharge 60-70% of U.S.[] He has no other complaints and denies penile pain, urethral discharge, dysuria, testicular pain or swelling. He reports no recent illnesses or systemic symptoms.[]

  • Teratoma of the Testis

    herpes simplex virus type 1 infection after Jewish ritual circumcision: modern medicine and religious tradition.[] […] atrophy as a result of orchidopexy. 7 Testicular tumors mostly appear as painless scrotal swelling and resemble testicular torsion in the neonatal period.[] During clinical evaluation, he mentioned right testicular swelling; the swelling had been enlarging for 6 months.[]

  • Mucopurulent Cervicitis

    […] torsion is suspected Palpable swelling of the epididymis Gram stain: Presence of 5 PMNs per HPF and/or Gram-negative intracellular diplococci Gram stain: Absence of PMNs[] Neither finding correlated with gonorrhea or genital herpes, although herpes caused characteristic cervical ulcerations.[] In recent years, considerable attention has been given to the role of Myco plasma and Chlamydia in both male and female infertility and the problems related to genital herpes[]

  • Dysuria

    Testicular swelling and tenderness (arthritis) are most often caused by a viral infection.[] Genital causes: Urethral or vaginal trauma, including sexual abuse or a foreign body. Genital herpes simplex.[] Genital Herpes Eighty percent of patients with primary symptomatic genital herpes will have dysuria; however, dysuria is usually not present if the infection recurs. 26 Most[]

  • Urethritis

    In cases where urethritis is suspected, a detailed exam of the genitalia is done for skin lesions, lymphadenopathy, and epididymal or testicular tenderness and swelling.[] Abstract Two men had a first clinical episode of genital herpes presenting as nongonococcal urethritis in the absence of any penile lesions.[] KEYWORDS: Genital herpes; Herpes simplex virus; Non-gonococcal urethritis[]

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