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340 Possible Causes for Genu Valgum, genu varum and genu recurvatum, Short Finger

Did you mean: Genu Valgum, genu varum and genu, recurvatum, Short Finger

  • Pseudoachondroplasia

    […] stature, deformity of the lower limbs, short fingers, and ligamentous laxity give pseudoachondroplasia its distinctive features.[] varum, genu valgum, or genu recurvatum underwent surgical correction.[] Legs are malaligned with a variety of knee deformities noted, including bow-legs (genu varum), knock-knees (genu valgum), and windswept deformities (bow-leg on one side and[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis

    […] wide nostrils Thick, tough skin Short, broad hands with curving fingers Knock-knees and walking on toes Curved spine Continued MPS I can show up in a lot of different ways[] valgum, waddling gait, and laxity of joints.[] Abstract A 16-year-old boy with widening of the large joints of the extremities and bilateral genu valgum had been extensively treated with oral vitamin D, with little clinical[]

  • Tibia Varum

    The fingers have a stubby appearance. AP radiograph of the upper arm shows a disproportionately short humerus.[] Pictures from left to right: 1) 20 genu recurvatum (knee recurvatum); 2) In standing front position, it may mimic a genu varum (knee varus); 3)When the recurvatum is corrected[] […] reach the ground (can pronate or walk on the lateral side of the foot to get the medial side of the foot down) natural hx of valgoid stage age 2-6 years, some degree of genu[]

  • Achondroplasia

    ; fingers are stubby Average adult height is about 4 feet tall Achondroplasia 1.[] The abnormal spinal curvature may be present. [ kyphosis , lordosis, scoliosis ] Lower Limbs Joint laxity Genu recurvatum Genu varum (tibial bowing) Lateral tibial torsion[] Multiple other skeletal features include genu valgum, genu vara, or “windswept deformities” of the legs, limitations of elbow extension, ulnar deviation of the hand, scoliosis[]

  • Spondyloepimetaphyseal Dysplasia-Hypotrichosis Syndrome

    The physical examination revealed sparse, fine and brittle hair, shortened limbs, moderate varus bowing of the femurs, and short fingers.[] […] wings short femoral neck limited hip abduction Head And Neck Teeth: normal teeth Chest Ribs Sternum Clavicles And Scapulae: medial widening of clavicles Skeletal Limbs: genu[] valgum Limitation of joint mobility Macroorchidism Strabismus Hypotelorism Abnormality of the abdominal wall Abnormality of the thyroid gland Prematurely aged appearance[]

  • Coxa Valga

    […] joints; swelling of the inter-phalangeal joints; and absence of short stature, which is a point of difference from other forms of spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia (Nishimura[] […] valgum Genu varum Genu recurvatum Discoid meniscus Congenital patellar dislocation Congenital knee dislocation foot deformity : varus Club foot Pigeon toe valgus Flat feet[] See also [ edit ] Coxa vara Genu valgum Genu varum References [ edit ] External links [ edit ] This article about a disease of musculoskeletal and connective tissue is a stub[]

  • Hypochondroplasia

    […] stature with a long trunk and short limbs, broad and short fingers; the face is normal in appearance. hy·po·chon·dro·pla·si·a ( hī'pō-kon'drō-plā'zē-ă ), [MIM*146000] A skeletal[] The mother presents short limbed stature, short iliac bones, short femoral necks, short stubby tibia and mildly increased fibular length and genu varum.[] . Associated deformities include genu valgum/varus, genu reccurvatum, limited elbow extension, kyphoscoliosis or increased lumbar lordosis, and joint laxity with secondary[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis 4

    […] and wide tubular bones proximal point of index to little finger metacarpal flattened femoral epiphyses; risk of lateral subluxation and dislocation coxa valga genu valgum[] They presented marked growth retardation, spinal deformity, chest deformity, genu valgum, and corneal opacities.[] […] wide nostrils Thick, tough skin Short, broad hands with curving fingers Knock-knees and walking on toes Curved spine Continued MPS I can show up in a lot of different ways[]

  • Osteoarthritis

    Figures and Tables - Analysis 1.4 Comparison 1 Exercise versus no exercise (short term), Outcome 4 Finger joint stiffness (short term).[] Gouin 2010 was excluded because patients with lateral instability or post‐traumatic genu varum without OA were included.[] Sattari 2011 reported an RCT of 60 participants with knee pain, genu varum and moderate to severe medial knee OA (K&L grade III or IV).[]

  • Dyggve-Melchior-Clausen Syndrome

    fingers or toes 0001156 Clinodactyly of the 5th finger Permanent curving of the pinkie finger 0004209 Femoral bowing Bowed thighbone 0002980 Flaring of lower rib cage 0006589[] We describe the orthopaedic management of progressive genu varum in a child who manifested the full phenotypic characterization of Dyggve-Melchior-Clausen syndrome.[] The patients have a striking "barrel-shape" chest, shortened trunk, and various distal deformities, including genu valgum or varum, and minimal decrease in joint mobility.[]

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