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26 Possible Causes for Genu Valgum Deformity, Hyperostosis, Narrowing of Medullary Canal

  • Camurati-Engelmann Syndrome

    Certain bone regions (specifically, the endosteal and periosteal surfaces) become abnormally thickened and hardened, which in turn narrows the medullary canal.[] However, the skull hyperostosis is progressive, and cranial nerve compression often recurs. Corticosteroids may delay skull hyperostosis and cranial nerve impingement.[] […] of the medullary canals.[]

  • Melorheostosis

    […] of the femur, genu valgum and patellar dislocation in the right lower extremity.[] Melorheostosis Leri’s Disease, Flowing Periosteal Hyperostosis One of a group of sclerosing bone disorders Rare Cause is unknown Produces thickening of the endosteum and periosteum[] The lesions of the cortex are progressive and may result in narrowing of the medullary canal and stenosis of an adjacent lumen, foramen, or of the spinal canal.[]

  • Craniodiaphyseal Dysplasia

    Genu valgum is the most common clinical manifestation.[] Imbalance will lead to conditions such as osteoporosis or hyperostosis. Osteoblasts build bone, becoming embedded in bone matrix as mature osteocytes.[] […] of medullary canal; erlenmeyer flask defect of the bone; clubfoot (genu varus and valgus deformities); relative muscle weakness, especially in pelvic girdle; atrophic muscle[]

  • Frontometaphyseal Dysplasia

    […] coxa vara, genu varum, genu valgum and valgum deformities at the distal tibia.[] This condition is characterized by hyperostosis of the skull and prominence of the supraorbital ridges; long bones have flared metaphyses.[] […] of medullary canal; erlenmeyer flask defect of the bone; clubfoot (genu varus and valgus deformities); relative muscle weakness, especially in pelvic girdle; atrophic muscle[]

  • Acquired Osteosclerosis

    Abnormalities in this condition are confined to the skeleton and include shortening of the hands and feet and genu valgum deformity (Doman et al. 1990).[] This disease of bone tissue, which is manifested by an increase in the density of bone structure, as well as narrowing of the medullary canal in the volume.[] Radiology 119:55–9 CrossRef Google Scholar Resnick D, Shapiro RF, Wiesner KB et al (1978c) Diffuse idiopathic skeIetaI hyperostosis (DISH) (ankylosing hyperostosis of Forestier[]

  • Congenital Pseudoarthrosis of Clavicle

    Radioulnar synostosis Sprengel's deformity Triphalangeal thumb Q74.1 Congenital malformation of knee Congenital: · absence of patella · dislocation of patella · genu: · valgum[] 126 Enteropathic Arthropathy 49 127 SAPHO Sternocostoclavicular Hyperostosis and Other Syndromes 51 128 Conclusions 43 Predominant Osseous Inflammatory Lesions 14 132 Chronic[] , sclerotic medullary canal Type III : Anterior bowing with a cystic lesion or pre fracture Type IV : Anterior bowing with a frank fracture and pseudarthrosis, usually involving[]

  • Pyle's Disease

    valgum deformity, dental / malocclusion and bone fragility; - marked expansion of the metaphyseal segments of tubular leads to an "Erlenmeyer flask" appearance, esp in the[] Clinical description Cranial involvement is minimal with mild hyperostosis of the skull base, and thickening of the frontal and occipital bones reported in some cases.[] Initially begins in the diaphyses and it extends to the metaphyses, sparing the epiphyses. 16,20,21 As a consequence it can be seen a narrowing of the medullary canal with[]

  • Coxa Valga

    See also Coxa vara Genu valgum Genu varum Musculoskeletal disorders : Acquired musculoskeletal deformities ( M20–M25, M95, 734–738 ) Upper limb shoulder Winged scapula Adhesive[] - Osteosclerosis Osteomyelitis - Avascular necrosis - Paget's disease of bone - Algoneurodystrophy - Osteolysis - Infantile cortical hyperostosis Chondropathies Juvenile[] canal, and generalized osteopenia (Cantu et al. 1982).[]

  • Osteopetrosis

    , Sprengel's deformity, Wallis Zieff Goldblatt syndrome ) knee ( Genu valgum, Genu varum ) other Arthrogryposis Skull and facial bones Carpenter syndrome - Craniodiaphyseal[] Osteopetrosis is a rare disorder of osteoclastic bone resorption leading to hyperostosis.[] medullary canals.[]

  • Autosomal Recessive Nail Dysplasia

    valgum, club foot, deformed toes; more common in males overlap syndromes see mixed connective tissue diseases patellofemoral joint syndrome see syndrome, runner's-knee peroneal[] Endosteal hyperostosis disorders include Van Buchem disease (types I and II) and sclerosteosis. The two endosteal hyperostosis conditions include many similar features.[] , sclerotic medullary canal Type III: Anterior bowig with a cystic lesion or prefracture Type IV: Anterior bowing with a frank fracture and pseudarthrosis usually involving[]

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