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49 Possible Causes for Globulins Increased, Lumbar Puncture Abnormal, Viral Meningitis

  • Meningitis

    Cases without fever, with increased CSF gamma globulin and transient neurological signs and symptoms, have been reported.[] Diagnosis is by lumbar puncture. Treatment is with antibiotics.[] To learn more about how we use cookies, please see our cookies policy Close Intended for healthcare professionals Education Viral meningitis Viral meningitis Clinical Review[]

  • Viral Meningitis

    It didn't show any abnormalities, so next a doctor performed a lumbar puncture - he inserted a needle into my spine and took a sample of the fluid.[] Definition Viral meningitis is a viral disease characterized by inflammation of the meninges.[] puncture.[]

  • Bacterial Meningitis

    lumbar puncture herniate.[] You therefore cannot say that bacterial meningitis is worse than viral meningitis.[] Lumbar puncture (LP) See separate articles Lumbar Puncture and Cerebrospinal Fluid for normal values and interpretation of abnormal CSF findings.[]

  • Syphilis

    Also, nonspecifically, CSF gamma globulin can be increased, and oligoclonal bands can be present.[] Patients with neurosyphilis and abnormal CSF examinations should have a lumbar puncture repeated at 6-month intervals after completion of treatment until CSF parameters normalize[] , Pneumococcal 1979 - 1999 Meningitis, Other Bacterial 1979 - 1999 Meningitis, Viral 1952 - 1999 Mumps 1924 to 1959, 1986 - Paratyphoid 1924 to 1952, 1969 - 1999 Pertussis[]

  • Meningeal Disorder

    The amount of protein in acute meningitis is also increasing, with serous M-from 0,4 to 1,0 PPT.[] Lumbar puncture was performed after MRI investigation in all patients, and complete CSF analysis was available at the time of the LME for 6 of the 11 patients.[] Viral meningitis is the most common cause of aseptic meningitis.[]

  • Coccidioidal Meningitis

    Total proteins Globulin .. .. Sugar .. Chlorides .. Increased (qualitative). Pandy's test?positive. Nonne-Apelt phase I?positive.[] Lumbar puncture (LP) See separate articles Lumbar Puncture and Cerebrospinal Fluid for normal values and interpretation of abnormal CSF findings.[] DRG Group #097-099 - Non-bacterial infect of nervous system except viral meningitis with CC.[]

  • Meningeal Tuberculosis

    OTHER CSF RESULTS Increased CSF gamma globulin levels may be due to diseases such as multiple sclerosis, neurosyphilis, or Guillain-Barré syndrome.[] Cerebrospinal fluid is removed through a procedure called lumbar puncture.[] Chapter: 3 (Page no: 31) Evidence-based clinical examination of meningitis. Author(s): Curtis, S. Chapter: 4 (Page no: 49) Viral meningitis. Author(s): Irani, D. N.[]

  • Listerial Meningitis

    Proteins were 200 mg%, globulins were increased; sugar was 55 mg%.[] MRI of the brain was performed for 1 patient and revealed no abnormalities. Lumbar puncture was performed for all patients.[] Viral Meningitis Viral meningitis is more common than the bacterial form and generally -- but not always -- less serious.[]

  • Toxoplasmosis

    lumbar puncture 1/54 2 Evidence of infection on inoculation of placenta 23/46 50 Positive cord blood IgM antibody 8/53 15 Postnatal treatment of infants (in conjunction with[] meningitis with mcc 098 Non-bacterial infection of nervous system except viral meningitis with cc 099 Non-bacterial infection of nervous system except viral meningitis without[] […] congenital toxoplasmosis n a % Subclinical infection 44/54 81 Multiple intracranial calcifications 5/54 9 Single intracranial calcification 2/54 4 Chorioretinitis scar 3/54 6 Abnormal[]

  • Subarachnoid Abscess

    Treatment should not be delayed for lumbar puncture. Monitor for electrolyte abnormalities. Monitor for seizure activity. What's the evidence? Feigin & Cherry.[] Management of viral meningitis [ 15 ] The general principles of management for all viral meningitis include supportive therapy - eg, analgesia, antipyretics, nutritional support[] •Present over weeks to months •Fever, headache, meningismus, altered sensorium, lethargy, disability •Typically immunocompromised Epidemiology •Viral meningitis •Bacterial[]

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