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4,852 Possible Causes for Glossalgia, Green Serum, Malnutrition

  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency

    , and investigate the cause of malnutrition including neglect.[] Bailey RL , Carmel R , Green R, et al. : Monitoring of vitamin B 12 nutritional status in the United States by using plasma methylmalonic acid and serum vitamin B 12 .[] This case presentation serves as a reminder about the prevalence of vitamin B12 deficiency and malnutrition in elderly individuals in our community.[]

  • Celiac Disease

    Neurological symptoms were preceded by two months of gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting, abdominal distention, and clear signs of malnutrition and weight loss.[] Red line indicates pre-immune rabbit serum.[] […] suffering from an advance stage of celiac disease (CD), the delay in its diagnosis and in the establishment of a gluten-free dietled the patient to a severe proteincalorie malnutrition[]

  • Folate-Deficiency Anemia

    Sensitivity of serum methylmalonic acid and total homocysteine determinations for diagnosing cobalamin and folate deficiencies.[] Malnutrition occurs due to having a diet low in vitamins and having overcooked foods.[] Eating a diet low in vitamins or overcooking foods can contribute to malnutrition. Heavy bleeding can also lead to anemia.[]

  • Iron Deficiency Anemia

    Following anemia and malnutrition treatment, tests were repeated.[] Rarer possible causes for an iron deficiency anemia are disruption of the resorption or malnutrition.[] Malnutrition occurs in up to 85% of patients and weight loss affects up to 80% of patients with Crohn's disease and 18-62% of patients with ulcerative colitis.[]

    Missing: Green Serum
  • Iron Deficiency

    However, there is limited information on the diagnosis of and therapy for ID in HF in SSA, where infections and malnutrition are more likely to influence the situation.[] Blood tests measuring the body stores of iron (serum ferritin level) diagnose iron deficiency.[] […] iron deficiency anemia. [ 5 ] Causes of Low Iron Levels There is a wide range of factors that influence your iron status, but in the developed world, the top causes are malnutrition[]

  • Malabsorption Syndrome

    General term for a group of malnutrition syndromes caused by failure of normal intestinal absorption of nutrients.[] Malabsorption of protein, fat and carbohydrate leads to loss of calories, generalized malnutrition and diarrhea.[] These results suggest that elevated levels of serum PSTI represent a state of malnutrition due to impaired intestinal absorption.[]

    Missing: Green Serum
  • Brandt Syndrome

    In congenital acrodermatitis enteropathica these lesions begin to appear after weaning is started. [1,4] History of malnutrition Malnutrition especially zinc deficiency leads[] Histopathologic findings are typically indistinguishable from other forms of malnutrition dermatitis.[] We assume that in our patient the skin lesions were the result of malnutrition, rather than being primarily associated with the underlying metabolic disease.[]

    Missing: Green Serum
  • Vitamin B Deficiency

    Weight Loss The individual may lose weight as a general aspect of the malnutrition the often accompanies this vitamin deficiency. 2.[] […] vitamin B stores Drugs: both recreational and prescription drugs deplete vitamin B Toxins: poisons in the environment and personal care products deplete vitamin B complex Malnutrition[] Chronic alcohol excess, which is often the commonest and most serious cause High dietary intake of thiaminases (enzymes that destroy thiamine) from betel nuts and raw fish Malnutrition[]

    Missing: Green Serum
  • Tropical Sprue

    Other causes of malabsorption, and primary malnutrition, have been excluded.[] The failed intestinal absorption of nutrients from the small intestine results in malnutrition and anemia that is due to folic acid deficiency Chronic malabsorption syndrome[] […] population of the tropics remains largely unchanged: a chronic debilitating disorder that represents a significant contributory factor to the pathogenesis of morbidity and malnutrition[]

    Missing: Green Serum
  • Plummer-Vinson Syndrome

    malnutrition and anemia has been previously reported.[] Crohn's disease (CD) is usually accompanied by malnutrition and iron deficiency anemia.[] Other possible factors include malnutrition, genetic predisposition or autoimmune processes.[]

    Missing: Green Serum

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