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733 Possible Causes for Glycosuria, Hypertension

  • Acromegaly

    Prevalence of hypertension at the initial visit was much higher in those with MI or stroke than those without (94 vs. 43%, p   0.001).[] […] supraorbital ridge, hirsutism, thick greasy skin, carpal tunnel syndrome, visual field defects, galactorrhoea, hypertension, oedema, heart failure , arthropathy, proximal myopathy, glycosuria[] Subsequent studies have shown that the incidence of hyperglycaemia and glycosuria in acromegalic patients may vary between 10-40 % [5] .[]

  • Tyrosinemia Type 1

    Under conditions of low-dose NTBC, FAH-/- pigs developed liver fibrosis and portal hypertension, and thus may serve as a large-animal model of chronic liver disease.[] Before starting NTBC therapy, all children manifested signs of renal dysfunction which included hypophosphatemia, acidosis, reduced phosphate reabsorption, aminoaciduria, glycosuria[] […] resemble those of acute intermittent porphyria, manifesting with painful parasthesias (causing patients to assume ophisthotonic position, self mutilation), autonomic signs (hypertension[]

  • Cadmium Poisoning

    […] industrial exposure; cadmium poisoning occurred in Japan due to contamination of drinking water by mining runoffs, resulting in itai-itai (“ouch-ouch”) disease, possibly hypertension[] The effects of cadmium proximal renal function are characterized by increased cadmium in the urine, proteinuria (primarily Beta-2-microglobulin), aminoaciduria, glycosuria[] Once this occurs, high blood pressure, which promotes hypertension, often develops.[]

  • Endocrine Dysfunction

    Plasmapheresis was associated with the appearance of amenorrhea and galactorrhea; also hypertension and proliferative retinopathy developed during this therapy.[] ;19:94-8 The prevalence of cerebrovascular accident (CVA) or stroke is increasing in frequency amongst the general population due to increased prevalence of diabetes and hypertension[] A variety of thyroid, pituitary, adrenal, and hypertensive disorders are covered, as well as calcium and bone metabolism disorders during pregnancy and lactation.[]

  • Cystinosis

    In this case and ours, portal hypertension was found in the absence of bridging fibrosis.[] All had nephropathic infantile-type cystinosis with evidence of proximal tubulopathy, with glycosuria and renal phosphate wasting.[] Diagnostic methods The diagnosis is based on blood and urine analysis showing features of Fanconi syndrome (metabolic acidosis, hypokalemia, hyperaminoaciduria, glycosuria[]

  • Chronic Pyelonephritis

    Removal of the contracted kidney in the hypertensive patient did not eradicate the hypertension. An attempt was made to define UCP as closely as possible.[] A lot of pregnant women would have glycosuria which might promote growth of bacteria in the urine.[] Chronic pyelonephritis secondary to vesicoureteral reflux has been shown to cause occasionally systemic hypertension.[]

  • Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis

    She had uncontrolled hypertension and a Glasgow Coma Scale of 6/15.[] Hematuria, evidence of tubular dysfunction such as glycosuria, hypertension, and mild azotemia, may be present in 15–30% of patients with new-onset nephrotic syndrome and[] A renal biopsy revealed he suffered from focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), possibly due to obesity and hypertension, not CVID - associated MPGN.[]

  • Metabolic Syndrome

    […] safety of NCs incorporated with diet and lifestyle management versus diet alone, in lowering blood pressure (BP) values and improving lipid and glucose profile, in a group of hypertensives[] Non-Specific Code Type 1 Excludes abnormal glucose in pregnancy ( O99.81- ) diabetes mellitus ( E08-E13 ) dysmetabolic syndrome X ( E88.81 ) gestational diabetes ( O24.4- ) glycosuria[] Hyperuricemia is strongly linked to hypertension, insulin resistance, obesity and hypertriglyceridemia.[]

  • Diabetic Nephropathy

    The majority of ESRD cases arise in patients with Type 2 diabetes who initially present with microalbuminuria and hypertension.[] As renal failure progresses, there is an elevation in the renal threshold at which glycosuria appears.[] UA of a DN patient usually shows glycosuria and proteinuria (150 to 300mg/dl). Though uncommon, but hyaline casts may also be found.[]

  • Renal Glycosuria

    HOMA-IR and BMI were negatively associated with renal glycosuria after adjusting for age, sex, hypertension, and insulin therapy.[] Renal glycosuria , also known as renal glucosuria , is a rare condition in which the simple sugar ( glucose ) is excreted in the urine [1] despite normal or low blood glucose[] Rennke HG, Brenner BM: Therapeutic advantage of converting enzyme inhibitors in arresting progressive renal disease associated with systemic hypertension in the rat.[]

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