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129 Possible Causes for Glycosuria, Ketonuria, Proteinuria

  • Diabetes Mellitus

    He attributed the decrease in urinary sugar to a ‘temporary toxic renal effect’ (he had been expecting a compensating increase in glycosuria).[] Although neither ketoacidosis nor ketonuria was detected, the markedly acute onset of the hyperglycemia was consistent with the typical clinical course of fulminant type I[] Meta-regression analysis showed that the ACEI treatment effect on all-cause mortality and CV death did not vary significantly with the starting baseline blood pressure and proteinuria[]

  • Diabetic Ketotic Coma

    […] drugs corticosteroids thiazide diuretics Consequences Hypernatraemia because patients are dehydrated in pre-renal failure (- uraemia) by the time they present despite the glycosuria[] Because of a preferential increase in 3-OHBA, ketonuria seemed to be absent in the regular nitroprusside test.[] […] nutrient栄養素 nutrition栄養 o obesity肥満[症] oral antidiabetic agent経口抗糖尿病薬 oral glucose tolerance test(OGTT)経口ブドウ糖負荷試験(テスト) oral hypoglycemic agent (OHA)経口血糖降下薬 osmolality浸透圧 overt proteinuria[]

  • Glycogen Storage Disease due to GLUT2 Deficiency

    1 Glycosuria and hyperglycemia in the neonatal period as the first clinical sign of Fanconi-Bickel syndrome. ( 28493372 ) 2017 2 Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Fanconi-Bickel[] Additional laboratory findings include fasting hypoglycemia, ketonuria and hypercholesterolemia.[] Glycosuria[?] GM2 gangliosidosis, 0 variant[?] GM2-gangliosidosis, B, B1, AB variant[?] Gms syndrome[?] Goldberg Bull syndrome[?] Goldberg syndrome[?][]

  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1

    Retinopathy Aseptic necrosis Muscle weakness Pyloric stenosis Hypogonadism Cerebral cortical atrophy Acute kidney injury Fatigue Proportionate short stature Renal cell carcinoma Glycosuria[] Additional laboratory findings include fasting hypoglycemia, ketonuria and hypercholesterolemia.[] No difference was observed for microalbuminuria and proteinuria between the two groups of patients.[]

  • Renal Tubular Dysfunction

    Our patients (5 women and 2 men) developed renal tubular dysfunction, with hypophosphatemia, normoglycemic glycosuria, proteinuria, and decrease of creatinine clearance.[] Urinalysis was determined by qualitative proteinuria, glycosuria and ketonuria, using reagent strips (Labistix, Lab. Ames, Miles do Brasil).[] Creatinine clearance (CrCl) was calculated and proteinuria detected with dipsticks.[]

  • Adult Fanconi Syndrome

    Defects in proximal tubular function can be isolated (e.g. isolated renal glycosuria, aminoacidurias, or hypophosphataemic rickets) or generalized.[] […] chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency,短鎖アシル‐CoA脱水素酵素欠損症 70 99% 6. medium- / short- chain 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency,中鎖/短鎖3‐ヒドロキシアシル‐CoA脱水素酵素欠損症 70 99% 7. ketonuria[] However, the majority of the proximal tubulopathy markers did resolve within 8 weeks of stopping TDF, although proteinuria persisted in several participants.[]

  • Lactosuria

    *The ’ occur, whereas 42 (33%) never had glycosuria at any time.[] Ketonemia and hence ketonuria occurs mostly in conditions of glucose deprivation.[] Toxic damage of renal tubules by lactose leads to development aminoacidurias (see) and proteinurias (see).[]

  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis

    Laboratory findings included hyperglycaemia (random blood glucose 20.8 mmo/L; 347 mg/dl), acidosis (serum bicarbonate 5 mmol/L), ketonuria 2 ; glycosuria 2 , and urine specific[] Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a complex metabolic state characterized by hyperglycemia, metabolic acidosis and ketonuria.[] Acute renal failure, haematuria and proteinuria are positive findings in EPN [ 12 ]. Diagnosis is mainly radiological.[]

  • Proteinuria

    Also read: Glycosuria (glucose in urine) symptoms, causes, and potential complications Cloudy urine: Causes, symptoms, and treatments Bubbles in urine: Causes, symptoms, and[] KETONURIA Ketones, products of body fat metabolism, normally are not found in urine.[] Causes of Proteinuria [ 4 ] Transient proteinuria Emotional stress. Exercise. Fever. Urinary tract infection. Orthostatic (postural) proteinuria. Seizures.[]

  • Cryoimmunoglobulinemic Syndrome

    GILBERTS SYNDROME C0017551 Gingiva Hemorrhage C0017565 IGA NEPHROPATHY C0017661 GLOMERULONEPHRITIS FOCAL C0017661 MEMBRANOUS GLOMERULOPATHY C0017665 GLUCAGONOMA C0017689 Glycosuria[] Nep hr it ic syn dr ome to di st in gu is h et iol og ies or to as ses s disease severity Proteinuria 1 g/day or with abnormal urine sediment Nep hrot ic synd rome.[] The proteinuria ranges from 1 g of protein per 24 hours to as much as 16 g of protein per 24 hours. 43.[]

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