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2,047 Possible Causes for Goiter

  • Goiter

    Several tests are employed for diagnosing goiter.[] From Wikidata Jump to navigation Jump to search swelling of the thyroid gland edit Language Label Description Also known as English goiter swelling of the thyroid gland goitre[] Other forms of goiter can seldom be prevented.[]

  • Hashimoto Thyroiditis

    A clearly enlarging goiter was observed before the diagnosis of lymphoma in 3 patients.[] In advanced stages, a goiter can interfere with proper breathing and swallowing.[] A 33 year old female presented with history of goiter for one year.[]

  • Third Trimester Pregnancy

    The concomitant phenomenon of a third trimester pregnancy with a significant degree of pelvic organ prolapse is extremely rare. We report on a patient with pelvic organ prolapse complicating third trimester pregnancy treated by concomitant cesarean hysterectomy and abdominal sacrocolpopexy. A 30-year-old woman,[…][]

  • Hyperthyroidism

    In the patients with goiter, hyperthyroidism and symptoms of exophthalmos, and the patients with goiter, hyperthyroidism without symptoms of exophthalmos, IL-2 and TGF-β expression[] Toxic multinodular goiter: 60% of the cases of toxic multinodular goiter are caused by defects in the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) receptor gene.[] Toxic multinodular goiter Toxic multinodular goiter (Plummer disease) accounts for 15-20% of thyrotoxicosis cases (see the image below).[]

  • Thyroid Lymphoma

    METHODS: The sonographic findings for 13 surgically proven primary thyroid lymphomas were analyzed and compared to those for 27 nodular goiters.[] Scott, "Thyroid Lymphoma as a Cause of Dysphagia and Dyspnea in a Patient without Palpable Nodules or Goiter" (2009). Internal Medicine Faculty Publications. 47.[] A clearly enlarging goiter was observed before the diagnosis of lymphoma in 3 patients.[]

  • Graves Disease

    Much of the excess risk is confined to individuals treated for toxic nodular goiter.[] The data supported the rationale for the use of goiter dispersion formula in Graves' disease treatment.[] We report the case of a patient with Graves's disease in a mediastinal thyroid mass presenting 7 years after total thyroidectomy for nontoxic goiter.[]

  • Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma

    Despite early initiation, adequate doses of levothyroxine treatment and consequently normal thyrotropin (TSH) levels, the proposita developed a huge multinodular goiter (MNG[] CASES: Two siblings aged 21 and 19 yr presented with recurrent goiters for which they had undergone multiple thyroid surgeries since early childhood.[] Both goiter and thrombus were completely replaced by follicular carcinoma.[]

  • Toxic Nodular Goiter

    This condition does not only predispose for goiter, but also for follicular thyroid carcinoma. Goiter does not necessarily result in TNG.[] Abstract We have discussed the etiopathology of feline toxic nodular goiter in the context of human nodular goiter pathogenesis.[] Abstract Serum thyroglobulin (S-Tg) was measured in 104 patients with thyrotoxicosis, 59 of whom had toxic diffuse goiter (Graves' disease), in 30 with toxic nodular goiter[]

  • Hurthle Cell Carcinoma

    Keywords : Adenocarcinoma, Goiter, Mononeuropathies, Paraneoplastic Syndromes, Thyroid Neoplasms.[] […] disorders of the thyroid gland have been associated with the appearance of hurthle cells, including chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis (CLT), Graves' disease, and multinodular goiter[] Prognostic factors of papillary and follicular thyroid cancer: differences in an iodine-replete endemic goiter region.[]

  • Hypothyroidism

    We report the cases of two patients with non-goiterous severe hypothyroidism with markedly elevated CEA levels that effectively decreased with levothyroxine replacement therapy[] goiter often causes dyspnea ( 4 ).[] Table 1 Causes of thyroid enlargement (goiter) Disease entity Thyroid function Remarks Diffuse goiter euthyroid Uni- or multinodular goiter euthyroid-hyperthyroid in regions[]

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