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17 Possible Causes for Gram-Negative Septicaemia, Ileus, Right Flank Pain

  • Acute Cholecystitis

    Symptomatic nephrolithiasis Colic-type pain but location should be below right upper quadrant, more in the flank 16.[] There was one readmission for ileus. CONCLUSION: Severity grading of AC is not the sole determinant of early LC. Patient comorbidity also impacts clinical decision.[] Nothing is given orally, and nasogastric suction is instituted if vomiting or an ileus is present.[]

  • Cholelithiasis

    Charcot triad: fever, jaundice, right upper quadrant pain Reynolds pentad: fever, jaundice, right upper quadrant pain, hemodynamic instability, mental status changes; classically[] Two of the patients presented with acute cholangitis and 2 presented with bowel obstruction due to gallstone ileus.[] Biliary fistulas may lead to gall stone ileus if the fistula is duodenal.[]

  • Choledocholithiasis

    After treatment, not right flank pain relief, so the inventors to seek treatment.[] Rarely, in cases of severe inflammation, gallstones may erode through the gallbladder into adherent bowel potentially causing an obstruction termed gallstone ileus.[] Complications of cholecystitis include gallbladder gangrene and rupture, empyema, gallstone ileus, emphysematous cholecystitis, and abscess formation.[]

  • Abdominal Visceral Abscess

    Small stone in right ureter (arrow) causing right flank pain.[] For example: Right upper quadrant pain (cholecystitis, cholangitis, hepatic abscess). Right lower quadrant (appendicitis and peri-appendiceal abscess).[] Ischemia of the intestine also rapidly inhibits motility and paralytic ileus results. Paralytic ileus is commonly a concomitant of generalized peritonitis.[]

  • Acute Peritonitis

    General signs and symptoms include 1,2 : fever localised pain and tenderness right lower quadrant pain over appendix (i.e.[] Complications:  Systemic complications:  Bacterimic or endotoxic shock  SIRS  MODS  Abdominal Complications:  Paralytic ileus  Residual/recurrent abscess/ Inflammatory[] The most difficult diferenciacija from colic (hepatic, renal, lead), tablecheck crises, spastic and paralytic ileus, bleeding into the retroperitoneal tissue.[]

  • Pericholecystic Abscess

    In reviewing of the system, no diarrhea, no melena or hematochezia, no dysuria, no hematuria, no flank pain, no periumbilical and flank ecchymosis/petechiae been found.[] There may be streaky, mottled gas distribution over the infected renal fossa that is associated with an ileus pattern.[] Patients with gallstone ileus typically present with classic signs and symptoms of SBO.[]

  • Perforated Diverticulitis

    Results and discussion: This paper describes the case of a patient who presented to the hospital because of a sudden onset of right flank pain.[] One patient with fecal peritonitis had prolonged ileus and a pulmonary effusion, and one had a myocardial infarction.[] The duration of postoperative fever and ileus and the incidence and type of postoperative complications were similar in the two groups.[]

  • Diverticular Abscess

    For example: Right upper quadrant pain (cholecystitis, cholangitis, hepatic abscess). Right lower quadrant (appendicitis and peri-appendiceal abscess).[] […] formations (detecable fluid), bowel wall thickening Abominal x-ray : not useful in diagnosing diverticulitis ; detects complications, such as abscesses, obstructions and ileus[] […] transectionLoop transverse colostomy7 yrRectal dischargeErythema, friability, petechiaeSurface epithelial cell degeneration, chronic inflammation.Diversion colitis70MColonic ileus[]

  • Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis

    ., right heart failure can occur in children with nephrotic syndrome Presentation Symptoms altered mental status abdominal pain diarrhea Physical exam fever diffuse abdominal[] This is a result of the large volume of ascites preventing contact between the visceral and parietal peritoneal surfaces hepatic encephalopathy diarrhoea ileus shock important[] Altered mental status with possible new onset or worsening encephalopathy Ileus Of importance, suspicion for SBP should be raised when the patient develops a new onset renal[]

  • Penetrating Abdominal Trauma

    On arrival, the Medic 4 crew finds the patient awake and complaining of severe pain along his right flank and abdomen.[] RESULTS: Early results revealed adhesive peritonitis and ileus for three patients demanding early reoperation (13%) and a hospital mortality rate of 13% (three deaths, mainly[] Total complication rate was 20.4% and included wound infection in six patients, evisceration in four, and ileus in 10.[]

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