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71 Possible Causes for Granulomatous Tissue, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Tuberculosis Culture Positive in the Sputum

  • Pulmonary Tuberculosis

    Histological examination of the lesions showed granulomatous tissue with caseaous necrosis consistent with tuberculosis.[] Both cases developed cavitary pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) proven by positive sputum TB culture.[] The authors report a case of coinfection of pulmonary paragonimiasis and pulmonary tuberculosis which is an uncommon coinfection.[]

  • Laryngeal Tuberculosis

    Granulomatous tissue was present in the posterior commissure.[] Persons who show presence of cavities in the lungs on X rays, have a positive culture for tuberculosis from their sputum and have a positive presence of the bacteria under[] Abstract The incidence of laryngeal tuberculosis in 341 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis was assessed in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.[]

  • Pulmonary Cavitary Tuberculosis

    The diagnosis was confirmed by histo-pathological examination of nasal tissue biopsy, which revealed granulomatous inflammation [Figure 2].[] Sputum cultures were positive for tuberculosis. The nodules indicate endobronchial spread of the tuberculosis.[] Pediatric postprimary pulmonary tuberculosis. Pediatr Radiol. 2002; 32 (9): 648-51[ DOI ][ PubMed ] 17.[]

  • Silicotuberculosis

    It is concluded that this is an effective means of treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis in patients with silicosis as well as in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis only,[] We describe a cascade of complications-active pulmonary tuberculosis despite recent isoniazid prophylactic therapy, non-tuberculous mycobacterial disease, chronic airways[] . silicotuberculosis (sĭl″ĭ-kō-tū-bĕr-kū-lō′sĭs) [″ tuberculum, a little swelling, Gr. osis, condition] Silicosis associated with pulmonary tuberculosis.[]

  • Esophageal Tuberculosis

    […] test was positive, sputum culture with Mycobacterium tuberculosis.[] The final diagnosis was laryngo-tracheo-esophagic tuberculosis secondary to pulmonary tuberculosis with lymph node involvement.[] Sputum became positive for acid-fast bacilli (AFB) and sputum culture was reported to be positive for Mycobacterium tuberculosis.[]

  • Lymph Node Tuberculosis

    When AFB was not demonstrable, but the tissue reaction pattern showed granulomatous inflammation with necrosis, the case was also included in this study.[] Roentgenographic evidence of pulmonary tuberculosis was detected in 42% of patients and sputum culture-positive tuberculosis occurred in 7%.[] Abstract The management of 1,337 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis and 422 cases of lymph node tuberculosis reported to the 1998 national notification survey was compared with[]

  • Silicosis

    The nerve was dissected and released from scar tissues.[] Anti-tuberculous treatment was extended due to a positive sputum smear in the six th month of treatment. However, the culture of the sputum was negative.[] We report the case of silicosis in a 50-year-old woman that presented with pulmonary fibrosis and later developed pulmonary tuberculosis.[]

  • Male Genital Tuberculosis

    And the pathology of prostate also showed granulomatous prostatitis ( Fig. 4 ).[] Male genital tuberculosis was diagnosed using nucleic acid amplification on urine and confirmed by positive urine and sputum cultures for Mycobacterium tuberculosis.[] Genitourinary tuberculosis is the common manifestation of extra-pulmonary tuberculosis.[]

  • Pleural Tuberculosis

    This granulomatous involvement of the tracheobronchial tree can ulcerate, which on healing produces fibrotic bronchostenosis and post-obstructive bronchiectasis.[] […] for latent infection Obtain the following laboratory tests for patients with suspected TB: Acid-fast bacilli (AFB) smear and culture using sputum obtained from the patient[] […] pleurisy who had high ADA values had a higher probability of manifesting pulmonary tuberculosis.[]

  • Renal Tuberculosis

    Pathological changes include granulomatous inflammation and caseous necrosis of kidney tissue.[] A serum interferon-gamma release assay was positive for Mycobacterium tuberculosis.[] Renal tuberculosis occurs concomitantly with the active pulmonary tuberculosis in 40% of cases and with silent pulmonary tuberculosis in 60%.[]