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1,540 Possible Causes for Halitosis, Premature Loss of Teeth, Suppurative Inflammation

  • Periodontitis

    Chronic nonsuppurative inflammation is PERIAPICAL GRANULOMA. Suppurative inflammation is PERIAPICAL ABSCESS.[] Drainage from infections can produce a bad taste and bad breath (halitosis).[] A common problem on some sheep farms causing premature loss of teeth and culling of the sheep. The specific cause is undetermined. Called also peridentitis.[]

  • Gingivitis

    Then, they just measured the halitosis compounds in people’s breath at two hours after the meal, then eight hours.[] Periodontitis spreads to your tissue and bone under your teeth’s visible layer, causing tooth loss.[] VSCs emit indole, skatole, and polyamines, which results in halitosis.[]

  • Acute Sinusitis

    […] eyes, cheeks, nose or forehead Reduced sense of smell and taste Cough Other signs and symptoms can include: Ear pain Headache Aching in your upper jaw and teeth Bad breath (halitosis[] […] forehead Reduced sense of smell and taste Cough (may get worse at night) Other symptoms of acute sinusitis: Headache Ear pain Upper jaw and teeth ache Fatigue Fever Bad breath (halitosis[] […] forehead, eyes, cheeks and nose Diminished sense of olfaction and gustation Nocturnal cough Other less specific symptoms can include: Head and ear ache Teeth and upper jaw pain Halitosis[]

    Missing: Premature Loss of Teeth
  • Chronic Tonsillitis

    Bad taste in mouth and foul breath (halitosis) due to pus in crypts. 4 Thick speech, difficulty in swallowing and choking spells at night (when tonsils are large and obstructive[] Symptoms include halitosis (bad breath), sore throat, enlarged tonsils and visualization of tonsilloliths within the tonsils.[] Because of this, halitosis or bad breath is a frequent symptom. In addition, a chronically sore throat and enlarged or sore lymph nodes in the neck are usually present.[]

    Missing: Premature Loss of Teeth
  • Acute Adenoiditis

    ) (toxic) (ulcerative) (vesicular) (viral) - J03.90 Information for Patients Tonsillitis Also called: Tonsil Inflammation What are tonsils?[] Chronic adenoiditis can also cause chronic or recurrent nasopharyngitis, rhinosinusitis, epistaxis, halitosis, and cough.[] Infection and suppuration can also develop and in grooves of a giperplazirovanny pharyngeal almond (it becomes similar to the sponge impregnated with pus).[]

    Missing: Premature Loss of Teeth
  • Acute Catarrhal Tonsillitis

    […] associated with a catarrhal exudate over the tonsil or the discharge of caseous or suppurative material from the tonsillar crypts. acute tonsillitis Inflammation of the lymphatic[] CLINICAL FEATURES recurrent attacks of sore throat chronic irritation in throat with cough halitosis dysphagia odynophagia thick speech 21.[] ) (toxic) (ulcerative) (vesicular) (viral) - J03.90 Information for Patients Tonsillitis Also called: Tonsil Inflammation What are tonsils?[]

    Missing: Premature Loss of Teeth
  • Chronic Sinusitis

    […] of sinus acute suppuration of sinus Type 1 Excludes sinusitis NOS ( J32.9 ) Use Additional code ( B95-B97 ) to identify infectious agent.[] Halitosis, fatigue, dental pain, cough, ear pressure, fullness.[] Patients may present with symptoms of sinusitis such as nasal obstruction, nasal discharge, facial pain, headache, halitosis, anosmia, etc.[]

    Missing: Premature Loss of Teeth
  • Osteomyelitis

    inflammation involving one or multiple bone foci.[] When infection reaches bone it can cause localized suppurative inflammation which may result in increased intraosseous pressure, ischemic necrosis and separation of fragments[] Epidemiology, clinical manifestations and prognosis Chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis (CRMO) is an immune-mediated chronic inflammatory self- limiting disease with non-suppurative[]

    Missing: Premature Loss of Teeth
  • Dental Caries

    Ludwig described indurated edema of the submandibular and sublingual areas with minimal throat inflammation but without lymph node involvement or suppuration.[] […] the visible structural defects, the following troubles may occur: Sensitivity to heat and cold Intermittent pain Continuous pain Pulling pain while consuming certain food Halitosis[] Premature loss of deciduous teeth may shift the adjacent teeth, hindering eruption of their permanent successors.[]

  • Acute Pericoronitis

    Tooth or root fracture: inflammation, pocketing and/or suppuration may be the presenting signs of a vertical root fracture.[] Inflammation of the Operculum Severe Redness, Soreness Continuous severe localized pain Localized intra oral swelling Trismus Pungent odor and halitosis Tenderness and Enlargement[] There will often be marked halitosis.[]

    Missing: Premature Loss of Teeth