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407 Possible Causes for Hallucinations, Hyperhidrosis, Pancreatitis

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    Abstinence syndrome with chronic alcoholism causes serious mental disorders in the form of hallucinations and fainting.[] We suggest that acute pancreatitis might be an etiology of PRES.[] The strange pathological conditions resulting from chronic alcoholism give rise to other fearful hallucinations.[]

  • Hypoglycemia

    […] dL) Dry, parched mouth Extreme thirst (which may gradually disappear) Warm, dry skin that does not sweat High fever (greater than 101 degrees F) Sleepiness or confusion Hallucinations[] Pancreatic CT and EUS failed to locate a lesion; however, SSRS showed a faint focus of increased uptake at the pancreatic head.[] Ectopic IGF-1 hypoglycemia Ectopic IGF-2 hypoglycemia Factitious hypoglycemia Functional hyperinsulinism Hyperinsulinemia due to insulinoma Hyperinsulinism Hyperplasia of pancreatic[]

  • Homocystinuria

    […] formation and for deep vein thrombosis Cutaneous signs of homocystinuria include: Hypopigmentation due to inhibition of tyrosinase Fair and thin hair Thin, translucent skin Hyperhidrosis[] We describe a previously well 17-year-old adolescent with an acute psychosis characterized by auditory and visual hallucinations and marked paranoia who was found to have[] Pancreatitis . Management Effective treatment requires early diagnosis and initiation of therapy. Pyridoxine is the drug of choice.[]

  • Insulinoma

    Case presentation: A 35-year-old male had history of night time seizures with hallucinations, delirium and spasms, lasting from 10 minutes to 1.5 hours for about 2 years.[] A retropancreatic tunnel was created anterior to the SMV-PV and the pancreatic neck encircled with umbilical tape to allow for retraction while minimizing pancreatic manipulation[] Insulinoma is a rare pancreatic endocrine tumor, typically sporadic and solitary.[]

  • Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium

    The present association analysis tested the hypothesis that the A10 candidate allele confers vulnerability to alcohol-withdrawal delirium with visual hallucinations.[] No adverse events were observed although one patient died from acute pancreatitis. The use of dexmedetomidine in AWD seems safe but warrants further studies.[] (including alcoholic pancreatitis), among other conditions.[]

  • Wernicke Encephalopathy

    Were other symptoms such as little resistance, moderate hyperhidrosis and slight hypothermia.[] Two patients with confusion accompanied by seizures, memory changes, or specific visual hallucinations and HHV6 detectable by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in cerebrospinal[] Acute pancreatitis can lead to prolonged fasting and malnutrition.[]

  • Diabetes Mellitus

    The side effects which people can have if Kratom is taken by mouth are: Nausea Dry mouth Aggression Constipation Numbness of tongue Vomiting Delusions Need to urinate Hallucinations[] The exacerbation of pancreatic endocrine dysfunction by potent pancreatic exocrine supplements in patients with chronic pancreatitis.[] (affect) ranging from extreme elation or mania to severe depression and usually accompanied by disturbances in thinking and behaviour: psychotic features (delusions and hallucinations[]

  • Alcohol-induced Hypoglycemia

    Depending on substance type, a range of withdrawal symptoms exist, and may include: hyperhidrosis (heavy sweating), myalgia (pain throughout the body), fever, nausea, vomiting[] This stage of withdrawal is marked by blood pressure spikes and hallucinations. Hallucinations tend to begin 12 to 24 hours after the person stops drinking.[] The α2-adrenoceptors on pancreatic β-cells inhibit insulin secretion, and α2-adrenoceptor antagonists increase insulin secretion.[]

  • Obesity

    The patient did not understand questions relating to sleep paralysis and hypnogogic hallucinations. At present, this child snores.[] There were two minor AEs-subclinical pancreatitis and a mucosal ulcer that had healed by the time of 3-month endoscopy.[] Abnormal glucose metabolism and pancreatic cancer mortality. JAMA 2000 ;283: 2552 - 2558 41. Silverman DT, Swanson CA, Gridley G, et al.[]

  • Acromegaly

    […] the insidious nature of the disease, is generally based on symptoms of excess growth hormone, such as acral enlargement, soft-tissue swelling, arthralgia, jaw prognathism, hyperhidrosis[] Untreated sleep apnea may be associated with high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, swelling in the arms and/or legs, hallucinations, anxiety, and/or irritability.[] They have also been proposed for the treatment of acute pancreatitis and for the prevention of post-endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography pancreatitis although clinical[]

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